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Product Preview


The Dragon ReAwakens : Megabass of America's 2018 Orochi XX


Date: 3/3/18
Tackle Type: Rods
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal



Introduction: Like the old timers that can forecast upcoming weather patterns observing the behavior of animals or the pattern of leaves fallen on the ground, those of us who shop at TackleWarehouse.com for our bass fishing gear are now accustomed to the pattern: a product line from a major manufacturer going on sale means a refresh is in the works. Already one of the more anticipation inspiring manufacturers in the marketplace, imagine the angst, indecision, impatience, preoccupation, paralysis that ensued when Megabass of America's Orochi XX line went on sale during the Fall of 2017.


After 5 years of good success with the original series, Megabass of America is introducing the next generation Orochi XX.

We shouldn't be surprised. 2018 marks five fun filled, brand re-defining years for the manufacturer that is positioned at the very soul of the enthusiast market, and a lot of that is thanks to the original Orochi XX: a series of rods that offered a taste of Megabass for tailored for the US bass fishing market at a reasonable price point. So other than some cosmetic tweaks, what could improvements could be made to Megabass's most mainstream rod line?

Many of the same models return, but there are a few additions.


To find out, we spent a day on the water with Yuskei Murayama, CEO of Megabass of America, fishing the final Orochi XX next gen prototypes and going over some of the finer details of the series. Let's take a look!


The blanks themselves are brand new and leveraging the same tech as their JDM Orochi XXX line.

From Megabass of America on the new Orochi XX: This release holds special significance for us, as it represents the first full-development cycle since our official foray into the North American rod market in 2013. Thanks to the support of anglers throughout the US and Canada and the dedicated journalists that engage them, we are blessed to be able to devote our energies to this endeavor, and bring you an evolved series of which we are exceedingly proud. The Orochi XX, like all the equipment we produce, will once again strive to earn its place in angler's arsenals throughout the country.

That tech is the metal fiber Kabt wrap.

The Tech: Megabass never introduces or refreshes a rod series without leveraging a new blank, and the Gen 2 Orochi XX is no exception. Last year, in their Japan market, Megabass debuted Orochi XXX - a series that had many North American consumers clamoring for access domestically. Megabass of America has taken the tech in that series, the X47-ASL Metal Fiber Blanks (referred to as 'kabutoh'), and created 15 distinct blanks to power the refreshed lineup.

Pronounced "kabutoh", the Kabt wrap gives these sticks more lifting power than the original series and a behavior that is more crisp.

The purported refinements in performance include better lifting power, crisper casting, and a lighter overall build. Megabass of America has also upgraded the cork and guides (Orochi XX now features Fuji SiC guides with stainless steel frames. Gen 1 featured Alconites), and like their JDM models, Megabass of America is now using their own, Ito Engineering designed Spiral Architect Reel Seat. Close attention was also paid to each rod's balance in this series and the overall look is much more JDM.

We took to the water for a first hand introduction to the series.

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