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A Better Levante? Megabass Remakes their Mainstream Rod Series

Date: 3/27/19
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: For many years Megabass rods were reserved for enthusiasts, those that saw fishing tackle as more than just tools, but rather functional works of art. The Levante Series changed all that when it introduced the brand to mainstream anglers. This season Megabass has completely remade the Levante Series, following the recognizable actions of their popular Orochi XX Series, and introducing some of the features and refinement from their higher end rod lines. Over the last few weeks we have begun fishing the new Levante rods, and got the inside scoop on the design from Kenichi Iida, Product Manager at Megabass, who was responsible for creating the updated Levante Series.


Completely redesigned for 2019, meet the new and improved Megabass Levante Series

Designed in the US: While most of Megabassís products are designed in Japan the Levante Series originated right here in the United States. Taking into account the style of fishing and actions that domestic anglers were looking for, the primary goal of the original series was to offer a rod line that would open up the price point for more American anglers to experience Megabass technology. Mission accomplished.

The Levante rods maintain EVA grips but make use of a completely new high compression graphite blank construction

The original Levante Series was so popular that while it was designed for the U.S. market the line later started being offered overseas. When Kenichi and the Megabass team went back to the drawing board for Levante 2.0 the new goal was to take the series to the next level in refinement by creating specific actions designed to help anglers master particular applications. This effort included countless hours of design and testing by designers based in North America and Japan, input from pro staff, as well as a direct dialogue with Megabass customers to capture what they liked about the original Levante line, and even more importantly, what could be improved.

The new Levante rods feature styling components, like the Spiral Architect Reel Seat, that make it look much more like a higher-end Megabass offering

Through this research one aspect of the original series that kept coming up was how much anglers liked the lifting power that the original Levante rods offered, and one of the most challenging aspects that the team needed to accomplish was to create a new more refined rod with reduced weight but didnít sacrifice any of that cherished lifting power.

The new fore nut on the casting rods and use of aluminum with a gunmetal finish give the Levante rods a very clean and tactical look

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