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Dad, Jr., +1 ... New Baits from Megabass


Date: 11/16/11
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal



Introduction: Just as we were wrapping our heads around the still new to us Vision 110 Magnum, we received word from Megabass USA of several new baits making their way through the production pipeline including yet another interpretation of the vaunted ONETEN. But Megabass USA did more than simply inform us of these new baits, they sent us a few prototypes to play with so we could see, first hand, what these new baits were all about.


Fan of the X-Pod, but wanting something a little smaller?


The X-Pod Jr. (right) features the same adjustable lower lip, but in a smaller


X-Pod Jr : It took a good two year's worth of fishing before we were finally ready to give in and share our thoughts on the Megabass X-Pod retiring it to our box of Editor's Choice awarded lures. Now, Megabass has made a downsized version of this same bait and dubbed it the X-Pod Jr. The Jr. features the same general body shape, the same adjustable bill, only it measures three and a half inches instead of four and a quarter and weighs half an ounce instead of three quarters of an ounce.


It comes in at half an ounce instead of three quarters.


Measures 3.5" instead of 4.25".


Out on the water, and working this bait with a Phenix Recon PHX-C683, we could hardly tell the difference between the Jr. and the original X-Pod, so in the cases where you want a smaller profile bait, or maybe don't have as stout of a stick, the X-Pod Jr. looks like it will be a very viable option. It is available now and for the MSRP of $29.50.


And is as easy and versatile to work as the original.

X-Dad : It's been tough to supplant the Deep-X 200T as one of our favorite Megabass cranks, but this new, suspending crankbait, the X-Dad, might just have the right stuff to keep us interested long enough for a very thorough and extensive review cycle. It's a small bait, measuring just two and a quarter inches (right at four inches if you count the bill), and weighing only three eighths of an ounce, and it's obviously a much different bait than the Deep-X 200T.

The X-Dad is a new, suspending crank from Megabass.


Many color patterns feature flexible antennae.

The X-Dad is a suspending crank rated to ten feet deep probably on eight or ten pound fluorocarbon. The intriguing aspect of this bait is the way in which it suspends. Toss this bait out, crank it down, bump it along the bottom, stop your retrieve and it stops dead in its tracks. Because the bill of this bait is so thin, it bounces along the bottom very erratically and it has a tight, yet enticing wobble to it. This bait is also available now with an MSRP of $25.99.

Thanks to the X-Dad's unique bill, this bait really darts, twitches, wobbles, and shakes.

Vision 110+1 : Just when you thought it was safe to close the box on Vision ONETEN variants, out comes yet another, but this time, instead of playing with the bait's rate of suspension, float, or overall size and weight, Megabass has address an issue many have pined for over the years. They made the bait run deeper.

Yes, there is another ...

The Vision 110+1 features a longer bill than the original, the same erratic action, and somewhere between two to three feet more diving depth. It doesn't run a whole lot deeper, but sometimes two to three feet is all you need.

The Vision 110+1 is a deeper running version of the original.

Our initial impression of this bait is it casts the same as the original, offers a bit more resistance in the water, but overall is just as easy to work. It definitely runs deeper than the original and the estimate of two to three feet more seems accurate. This bait has not yet been released but it will be available soon for an MSRP of $29.50.

Just when you thought it was safe to close the box on your collection of 110s... better make room for +1 or more.


Conclusion: Megabass certainly knows how to keep their lineup interesting and in the process, they manage to hold our attention. While the X-Pod Jr. is probably not different enough from the original to warrant a brand new review, the Vision 110 Magnum, X-Dad, and Vision 110+1 are all already in process as is the FX9 jerkbait. Combine this with their rods and reels and we can almost dedicate an entire section of our site to this one manufacturer, but then, where would the fun be in that? In the meantime, we look forward to seeing these baits in store shelves so we can stock up prior to sharing reviews because as history suggests, once word really gets out, if it's good news, these baits get harder and harder to acquire.









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