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Sunline Introduces More JDM Leader Options


Date: 7/18/22
Tackle Type: Fishing Line
Manufacturer: Sunline
Reviewer: Cal

Bass angling is a game of adjustments. Whether it's your rod, reel, line, bait, terminal tackle, boat position, or other, to be successful, you have to be able and adapt. The latest area where anglers are fine tuning their plan to catch more fish? Leaders. If you're not leveraging or are at least aware of leader strategies, you're falling behind. Sunline America reinforces that position this year with their introductions for 2023, a series of high quality leader materials imported directly from Japan.



Tornado V Hard: A popular leader material in the JDM market, Tornado V Hard is a 100% fluorocarbon line made from Sunline's exclusive Plasma Rise Technology. This tech creates a hard, glass-like polymer layer on the surface of the line for the ultimate in abrasion resistance when fishing in and around wood and rocks. The line will be available in 54yd spools and in one step strength increments from four through twelve (4-12) pound then in two step increments at fourteen (14) and sixteen (16) pound test. Retail price is expected to be between $23 - $26 depending on strength.


Tunageat Shock Leader FC: Tunageat Shock Leader FC was developed for offshore angling techniques like jigging targeting large predators. Sunline again leverages their Plasma Rise technology but this time to give Tunageat a more rubber like surface for greater surface elasticity which increases knot strength by allowing for a tighter knot. The polymeric surface layer is also effective against abrasion and breakage from snags allowing anglers to use smaller diameters than usual. It will be available in 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 70lb, 80lb and 100lb strengths and come in spools from 33yds to 54yds depending on strength. Tunageat Shock Leader FC is available now at TackleWarehouse for between $26.99 - $64.99 depending on strength.

SaltiMate System Shock Leader FC: This premium fluorocarbon leader is made from a triple resin process that fills the spaces between molecules of the material for a slick, water and abrasion resistant surface. It is designed to absorb shock from aggressive, dynamic strikes of all fish species. This line is precision wound onto the spool to preserve that pristine finish, minimizing curling and surface indentation. It comes in spool sizes of 33yds to 54yds depending on strength which include 12lb, 16lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 50lb, 60lb, 70lb, 80lb, 100lb test. SaltiMate System Shock Leader FC is available now at TackleWarehouse for between $17.99 - 41.99 depending on strength.









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