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PRODUCTTPREVIEW : Fuji's New K-Series Tangle Free Guides

Date: 9/24/09
Tackle type: Rod Components
Manufacturer: Fuji/Angler's Resource
Reviewer: Cal





Introduction: Anyone who's fished braided line for any extended period of time has experienced the inevitable wrap of their line around the rod guide. It can be aggravating to say the least and troublesome for the integrity of your rod at its worst. For such an enduring problem, one would think a solution would have presented itself by now. Well, the folks over at Fuji, without question, the leading rod guide manufacturer in the world, have finally come up with a solution. Introducing Fuji's new "K" Series guides designed to be tangle free and prevent that inevitable problem of braided line tangles around your guides.


Background: Fuji's new K Series guides were debuted at ICAST 2009 and are the result of nearly five years of research, testing and design. Thanks to three key factors, these guides literally shed line wraps before they have a chance to become tangles:


Fuji's new K-Series Guides provide tangle free performance with braided line.

Three key factors, listed below, are attributed to this guide's patent pending performance.

1) The Frame: First, the frames on these guides are wide flaring out from the base just beyond the diameter of the ring to direct loops and tangles accumulating around the frame up towards the smaller diameter of the ring.


2) The Surface: The surface of the frame material itself (titanium) is highly polished and extraordinarily smooth ensuring there is little to no friction to allow a loop to linger and become a full fledged tangle.


3) The Ring: The business end of each guide, the actual ring, on the Fuji's K-Series guides is tilted slightly forward providing the last factor to help loops and tangles moving forward on each guide until they literally "fall off" the forward part of the tilted ring and release themselves.


Even tangles like this pull out with tension at the end of the line.


Materials: As mentioned above, the frame on all of Fuji's K-Series guides are made of titanium for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, light weight and durability. They are available with both SiC and alconite inserts, so for the very first time, alconite guides are available with titanium frames.


Fuji's new, K-Series Guides feature titanium frames and are available with SiC or alconite inserts.


Donnie Paul, National Sales Rep for Angler's Resource (North American Distributor for Fuji) shows us the new K-Series Guides from Fuji.



Conclusion: While Fuji's new K-Series Tangle Free Guides are especially designed for anglers fishing with braided line, the guides are naturally just as effective with monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. It will be interesting to see just how effective these guides are in real fishing world conditions.










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