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Reel Preview

Carrot Stix Switches Gears with the New Spectra 2-Speed Spinning Reels


Date: 2/10/16
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Carrot Stix
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Carrot Stix, the company that made a name for itself with brightly colored orange rods made with carrot nano-fiber, is now expanding their product offerings to include reels. The new reel offerings will include both baitcasters and spinning reels and without a doubt the most interesting of these new offerings is the upcoming 2-speed Spectra Series spinning reels.


A two speed spinning reel? Carrot Stix's new Spectra offers anglers exactly that


The new Spectra spinning reels offer on the fly shifting ability for anglers to change from 4.7:1 to 6.7:1 gear ratio in their 2000 series.  “This will allow anglers more options when reeling in the catch, more versatility for the angler will only help ensure the fish stays caught.” Says Jimmy Davlouros, General Manager of Carrot Stix. These new 2-speed spinning reels will come in both a 5+1 and 10+1 versions, both will be available for the next fishing season in 2016.  Using stainless steel ball bearings with carbon fiber seals for better fit around the components these reels are designed to offer corrosion free smooth functioning in a wide range of conditions. The new reels feature a solid graphite body which resists corrosion and is designed to remain light and durable.


Carrot Stix Spectra Spinning  Reel Specifications

Weight 10.9oz 11.5oz 12.0oz
Gear Ratios (Adjustable) 4.7:1 & 6.7:1 4.7:1 & 6.7:1 4.7:1 & 6.7:1
Line Capacity (mono) 8lb/110yds 8lb/110yds 10lb/155yds
Max Drag 13.2lb 13.2lb 13.2lb
Handle Shaft Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Stainless Bearings (carbon fiber seals) 5 10 10
Anti Reverse Bearing 1 1 1
Frame Material Solid form graphite Solid form graphite Solid form graphite
Applications Fresh or Saltwater Fresh or Saltwater Fresh or Saltwater
MSRP $149.99 $229.99 $249.99


The gear ratio on the reels is changed via a gearbox switch that is located where the body connects to the handle. The variable gear ratios are designed to enable anglers to fish their baits with varying retrieves, essentially providing the exact gear ratio to match your fishing style and application. In theory angler will be able to switch to gear ratios on the fly once fish take the bait, enabling them to either retrieve with more speed or torque in an effort to convert more strikes into actual landed fish.


The reel is made out of graphite and features stainless ball bearings with carbon fiber seals for extra resistance from the elements


The Carrot Stix Spectra spinning reels will be available after the Classic in 2000 and 3000 sizes and the 2000 size will be available in two variations, the CSA2000-S2 features 5+1 bearings and the higher end CSX2000-S2 comes with 10+1 bearings, the prices of the new reels are $149.99 and $229.99 respectively. Unlike many other reels the Spectra comes bundled with a second spool which is constructed out of the same aluminum design, enabling anglers the versatility of having two different sets of lines, or simply a backup.


Each reel will come with a matching spare aluminum spool, something no longer commonplace with so many of today's spinning reels


Existing fans of Carrot Stix rods will likely be interested in a reel to match up with their rods but will the two speed functionality of these new reels be compelling enough to warrant a look from other anglers? Is there even room for yet another reel brand in what is an already highly crowded and competitive market? Anglers will get to decide when they gear up for the coming season at their favorite e-tailers and retailers.









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