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BUBBA Launches New Technical Fishing Apparel for Anglers

Date: 10/5/19
Tackle type: Apparel
Manufacturer: BUBBA
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: While bass anglers may not be as familiar with the BUBBA brand the company offers a number of high quality tools for anglers including fillet knives and nets, and are especially popular among inshore and saltwater anglers. With the debut of their new Fall UV-protective apparel line the company is broadening their portfolio, and targeting the complete spectrum of anglers across both fresh and saltwater applications with garments that are designed to transition seamlessly from the boat to the bar.


This season Bubba enters the apparel market with technical garments designed to perform well when worn all day on the water and around town afterwards

The launch of this BUBBA apparel line marks the first time that the fishing equipment manufacturer has ventured into the apparel segment, and the new offerings are composed of both Men’s and Women’s short-sleeve, long-sleeve and hooded long-sleeve UV-protective tops, as well as durable, lightweight UV-protective shorts that feature angling-specific design details like built-in pliers pockets and abrasion resistant fabric in critical areas.

The mid-weight tops are made with an ultra-soft material derived from bamboo which gives the garment improved moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties, and feels both soft and comfortable.

The new garments that BUBBA launched this week include:

The Bahura Short Sleeve is constructed with Tencel fabric that keeps anglers protected from the sun and offers odor resistant characteristics and feels extremely soft on the skin

BUBBA Bahura™ Short Sleeve: The Bahura™ Short Sleeve Tee is geared toward ultimate performance for the everyday angler. Made with an incredibly soft, odor-resistant material, this piece can be worn straight off the boat and into the bar after a long successful day out on the water. MSRP: $39.99

Bubba is offering versions of each garment designed specifically for women. The Bahura Long Sleeve shirt is derived from bamboo fibers and provides UV protection while regulating moisture and body temperature

BUBBA Bahura™ Long Sleeve: The Men’s and Women’s Bahura™ Long Sleeve is made to combat the cool ocean or lake breeze. Constructed with solar shade UV protection and moisture-wicking material derived from bamboo, the Bahura Long Sleeve is designed to regulate moisture and body temperature. This technical piece will help you stay cool, comfortable and protected while on the water, yet features a lifestyle aesthetic perfect for general everyday wear around town. MSRP: $49.99 (Men’s)/$44.99 (Women’s)

The Bahura Hoody is designed to combat cool breeze and is made from a temperature regulating, moisture wicking bamboo material, and protects exposed areas like the neck and head from UV rays

BUBBA Bahura™ Hoody: The Bahura™ Hoody features the same ultra-soft next to skin feeling and technical properties as its non-hooded counterparts but offers some additional protection from the sun. The entire shirt, including the hood, is made of UPF 50+ fabric, protecting often exposed areas like the neck and head from harmful UV rays. MSRP: $69.99 (Men’s)/$59.99 (Women’s)

The Bubba Koralli is a hybrid style short that has features designed specifically for anglers including reinforced pliers pocket and integrated D-ring. The main body of these shorts is made from durable water resistant (DWR) polyester to help wick away moisture 

BUBBA Men’s/Women’s Koralli™ Shorts: The BUBBA Koralli™ Activewear Hybrid shorts are made with a pocket designed specifically for holstering fishing pliers, as well as a lanyard-friendly D-ring for easy access and security. These shorts are extremely durable yet sport a soft and lightweight feel. MSRP: $79.99 (Men’s)/$69.99 (Women’s)

Bubba's new garments are stylish, sporty, and versatile so that they can be worn from the boat to the bar

All of Bubba's new garments are designed to be hybrid pieces that perform well on the water, and not only look natural but feel equally as comfortable when worn as casual lifestyle pieces.

BUBBA is casting a really wide net with this launch and not targeting any specific type of angler or region, and instead designing these new garments to apply well to a wide range of warm water fishing conditions in both fresh and saltwater. All of the new BUBBA pieces are available to consumers nationwide via the company’s online store.

Looking for BUBBA Apparel? Try BUBBA's Online Store










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