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Lure Preview


ICAST Preview: I'll take one order of the "Big Mac" please


Date: 6/30/10
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Basstar
Reviewer: Zander

Basstar and FLW Pro Angler Randy McAbee prepare to introduce a new signature deep diving crankbait called the "Big Mac" at the upcoming ICAST show. We preview this new series of deep diving cranks which come armed with the company's own Spintech rotating hooks. 


The McAbee Big Mac crankbait will be available in one size and four patterns


About Randy McAbee: I've fished with FLW Pro Angler Randy McAbee before and though he tossed a jig handful of times the vast majority of casts he made were with a variety of crankbaits. Crankbaits are Randy's strength and he turns to these baits whenever he can, even where there is money on the line during a tournament. This devotion to the technique has earned Randy a reputation as a "Cranking Pro" and inspired tackle including his own signature cranking rod in the Dobyns rod series. Nor surprise then that this season he has partnered with Basstar and is introducing his very own signature crankbait.


The Big Mac features recessed 3d eyes


Meet the "Big Mac": The new Basstar McAbee signature series lure is called the "Big Mac." The bait was designed to be the deepest and truest running crankbait of its size (which is similar to the size of a Norman DD22). The Big Mac was custom designed by Randy and the team at Basstar and makes use of the same dimpled surface we first saw on the deep diving Dredger crankbait.


The sides of the lure feature the same dimpled design as the Dredger crankbait


These dimples are designed much like a golf ball and make the lure more aerodynamic for longer casts and help create less water friction for deeper running ability.


The Big Mac features a massive lip that is designed to dig in deep and still deflect off structure without rolling over


The Big Mac also features an absolutely enormous lip that is reinforced and specially shaped so that it can keep digging on the bottom without rolling on its side and it will keep on digging even when deflecting off of structure and objects. The lure's rattle weight has been added towards the tail of the body to give more of a lipless crankbait noise in the water with a tighter rattle.


A look at the two crawfish patterns, the green craw is called the McAbee special


The Big Mac crank is designed to run a true 18-20 feet with 10-12 lb. test line and the bait sits in the water with the nose pointing straight down to get the bait diving down with the very first crank.


The massive lure is reinforced underneath for durability


The Big Mac will be available in one size (3 inches) and each lure weighs 1oz. There will be four colors available at time of launch, the McAbee Chartreuse Blue Black, the McAbee SX Shad the McAbee Red/Black Craw and the McAbee Special which is a semi translucent green craw.


Each lure is armed with two #2 Spintech hooks


The Big Mac also differentiates itself from other crankbaits by utilizing the company's own Spintech treble hooks. Armed with two #2 hooks these trebles have the ability to rotate 360 degrees to reduce leverage making it easier to keep fish pinned on.


Notice the position of the rattle weight in the back of the lure, this helps give the lure a tighter rattle in the water, more like a lipless crankbait


Conclusion: The Big Mac will be officially launched at the upcoming ICAST show in two weeks and will be available for sale a month later around the August 15th timeframe. Each bait will retail for the same price as the current Dredger crankbait for $12.99 each. Randy knows crankbaits and this new bait armed with the quality Spintech hooks looks like a very exciting option for those anglers that enjoy aggressive cranking for those deep diving fish. The Big Mac sample baits we sampled look absolutely ready for primetime, I'll take an order now... hold the fries. All kidding aside these new crankbaits are probably the most exciting new long lipped deep divers I've seen in a long time, and we look forward to seeing just how well they perform in the field. 










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