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Autopsy Article

The Mother of All Tackle Autopsies - Cutting Open a 400 Dollar Swimbait! (continued)


The autopsy started with a look at the underbelly where I found it extremely difficult to extract the metal hook hanging hardware. Many hard bodied swimbaits utilize screw-in hardware but no matter how much I rotated the loops all I could expose was more wire. To see just how far this wire extended into the body I realized that it would be necessary to crack open this bait completely. 


Sanding the Mother's belly reveals wooden inserts, what could be underneath?


The top of the bait has no inserts

We cut the wires as far back as we possibly could and proceeded to sand off the paint to reveal a series of varying dark circles which were made out of wood pegs. I could immediately tell the density of these pegs was different than the rest of the bait.


The are belly of the Mother

This was further verified as we proceeded to slice through the bait with a cutting bit. The dark wooden areas were much denser than the lighter wood used throughout the bait. Beneath the dark spots I could also detect contact with something even harder. We had finally reached the embedded weight system.


The dark wooden inserts have a much greater density than the body of the bait

It was at this point that I also grasped that the Dremel just wasn’t going to get this job done. The bait was too thick and much too hard in the center for this tool I grabbed the Sonic Crafter. The vibration blade was able to get through the center part of the bait though it took plenty of pressure to cut into the solid bodied Mother. At some points the bait even started smoking as the friction from the blade burned the Mother as it slowly worked its way through the bait’s core.


Power tools are required for this autopsy


Something is burning!

After twenty minutes I finally had a clean cut through both sides of the bait and removed it from the clamp. The moment of truth….and with a little prying I was able to separate the two halves and immediately understood why it had been so difficult to extract the hardware.


Cutting into the belly I can feel solid metal

Next Section: Finally a look into the heart of the Mother...









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