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Autopsy Article

TackleTour Autopsy : Megabass Vision X-110 - Seriously? (continued)

Moving forward, we already know from Zander's review published back in 2005, that the Vision X-110 has a respectably durable finish, but I decided to put our two sacrificial baits up to the file test anyway. I was expecting to see a difference in durability between two different types of finishes on the 110, but in the final analysis, both the Hachiro Reaction and PM IL Reaction fared roughly the same after 10 cycles with our file and each fared surprisingly well.

PM IL Reaction is more like the Ito Natural that Zander beat up in 2005, and this finish proves pretty durable as well.

Moment of Truth : As hard as it was to decide on which two baits to sacrifice, it was even harder to commit to cutting in half, two $25 baits. But notice, I did not choose colors like Pro Blue or Deadly Black Illusion for this test! Despite that fact, after the initial measurements and finish durability tests, I actually took a week's break to cool off and really think about whether or not the sacrifice of these two perfectly good Vision X-110s would be worth it. Afterall, the tank test already revealed they are more or less the same bait didn't it?

The moment of truth ...

But of course, going the extra mile is what TackleTour.com is all about and it's not as if I don't have several backups of these baits within my 3 bait boxes and large storage tub of brand new, in package baits. Just the same, why am I the one sacrificing MY Vision X-110s and not Zander, the one who has been doing the majority of autopsy reports of late?

This bait is a goner.

Well, once I got over my trepidation and secured the already hook-less and scratched up baits to our product vice, I simply moved forward with no more pause for reflection. I fired up the saw and had at it!

No smoke and mirrors, we really cut into two baits.

Looking at each baits internals, there does seem to be some very subtle differences. Notice while both baits are weighted in the same manner, the materials used to weight the baits appear to be slightly different. The down-eye version seems to have a standard lead weight in the head with the addition of two lead balls for counter balance during casts, and three smaller brass rattles.

Yes, I had a splitting headache too for several days after this autopsy.

The straight eye version appears to have a brass weight up front, two lead balls for counter balance during casts, and three smaller steel rattles (only two are pictured because one fell out and was unrecoverable during cutting).

There you have it ... each bait looks identical on the inside, but the material used for the head weight and rattles are different. Is that difference in materials enough to deliver the perceived differences in baits? Only one way to find out - keep fishing them! (note the PM IL Reaction did have three steel beads in the belly but one was lost during cutting).


Conclusion: So the mystery continues. While the baits we tested did not show any obvious difference in the way they float or suspend, differences in their behavior once in the water and tied to the end of your line, if any, might be attributed to the difference in materials used to weight each lure. Certainly the brass versus steel beads will make different sounds in the water but is that enough to make one bait better than the other? Maybe at different times of the year, or under different situations, but certainly an argument can be made that each version is just as effective as the other. I guess we'll just have to keep throwing both versions to be sure.


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