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Rod Update

Zombies from the Amazon to Alabama (continued)


When it came time to head to the Amazon we wanted to bring both the 7’3” and 7’10” rods but unfortunately was only able to fit the shorter 7’3” into our rod tube. Both of these rods are designed to handle lures up to the 2oz. class making them great for tossing big topwater lures. The 7’3” rod was able to pull big choppers through the water without breaking a sweat but it was only when there was a big Peacock on the line did I fully realize just how well the rod transitions under extreme load, and the amount of backbone that the rod exhibits when trying desperately to keep Peacock bass out of the mangroves.


Casting Woodchoppers in the Amazon


Peacocks are truly ferocious fighters but the Zombie rod was up to the challenge, and while we still had to let the big Peacocks tire themselves out a bit when it came time to gain ground putting pressure on the rod we were able to turn fish and maintain plenty of pressure on the line. The components on the rod also held up to the rigorous conditions and we didn’t have any problems with paint coming off the reel seat or damage to the SiC guides from the 60lb. braided line.


A good start for the Zombie rod


Back stateside when the Alabama Rig fever took off earlier this season, and before manufacturers started building rods specifically for tossing umbrella rigs, we turned to the 7’10” Zombie rod to go outside of the stick’s intended application.


The Zombie rod delivers plenty of power to guide Peacocks back to the boat


Though cumbersome looking these rigs are absolutely castable when fished with a rod capable of handling between 1-4oz. in weight. This is well outside of the rod’s specified lure range but given what we experienced with the other models we had a felling that the 7’10” rod would handle even large heavy spreader rigs with no issue. We were right.


A quality Peacock is taken by the Zombie rod


The length of the rod made it perfect for catapulting these rigs a good distance and the tip proved to be forgiving enough to absorb shock at the end of the line when fish hit. Most importantly the action and taper of this rod made it possible to fish the Alabama Rig effectively all day long. The robust backbone was able to accommodate the constant resistance of just pulling the rig back through the water.


The Zombie 7'10" Flipping Stick pulls double duty to fish Umbrella Rigs


When a fish took the rig we found that we were able to keep fish pinned on either by simply maintaining pressure on the line or by setting assertively and letting the Zombie rod load up. The 7’10” makes short work of largemouth and this particular application suits the rod well as it is more about casting, a consistent retrieve and sheer than relying on sheer sensitivity to make each strike count.


The Zombie rods have held up very well to abuse and proven to be very multi-talented


In the last 24 months we have found the Zombie rods to be reliable, durable, well balanced and also extremely multi-talented. These rods have stayed relevant through two “crazes,” punching and umbrella rig fishing, and can be used for so much more than just pitching and flipping. Like the creatures they are affectingly named after these rods can literally take a beating and be no worse for wear. These durable rods may have been born in the California Delta but even fish in the Amazon Delta have now come to fear the Zombie invasion.


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