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Lure Review


Ned Rigging Success with the Z-Man TRD Crawz

Date: 3/4/19
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Z-Man
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 8.08 - GREAT

It's safe to say that the Ned Rig has been one of the hottest things going in bass fishing over the last several years. When conjuring up images of this finesse technique, most anglers will envision a tiny stick worm rigged on a little mushroom-shaped jig head. While that's not inaccurate, this deadly-effective technique has gained so much momentum that manufacturers now offer a pretty solid selection of different jig heads and baits ranging from ultra-finesse to larger and heavier presentations. As one of the most recognized names in Ned Rig fishing, we take a peek at a new Z-Man bait to hit this segment—the TRD CrawZ.

Z-Man CrawZ Specifications

Type Soft plastic
Class Crawfish imitator
Material ElaZtech
Colors/Patterns 12+
Size 2.5"
Baits per pack 6
Resalable bag Yes
MSRP $4.49


The Z-Man TRD Crawz is a finesse bait that has a realistic profile


Impressions: Z-Man CrawZ are very small, very soft baits measuring only about 2.5 inches in total length. While little, these are some very fishy-looking baits at first glance. Starting at the tail, there's a small fin on each side that gives the impression of the tail being tucked under the body just like a fleeing crawfish. The belly of the bait is flat in comparison to the top, and tiny legs along each side give it an even "buggier" appearance. Finishing off the bait are small eyes, a short single antennae, and chubby claws extending out from the head on thin arms. The bait looks and feels high quality right out of the package!


The baits come in a tray that protects each bait individually

There are some good colors available, but I chose "The Deal" as it's the perfect color for the low, clear water I see here on my local Florida waters during the cooler months. Z-Man advertises a standard 12 colors, but some folks may not realize that our friends at Tackle Warehouse now offer an exclusive 13th color called "TW Delta Green Pumpkin" that you'll definitely want to check out.


The TRD CrawZ is probably the company's most realistic looking craw imitator


Real World Tests: These baits are made from Z-Man's proprietary ElaZtech material which has no PVC, Phthalates, or Plastisol in it. Non-toxic and advertised as being 10 times more durable than typical soft plastics, they're extremely soft, pliable, and yes, durable. However, each package comes with a warning on the back because this material doesn't mix with typical plastic tackle boxes and other baits. I just store them in their original bag/tray and out of hot, direct sun for long periods to keep things simple and safe.


Z-Man offers a wide range of jig heads like the Ned Lockz HD that pair perfectly with the TRD CrawZ


I fished my test baits mainly on a 1/6oz NedlockZ HD jig head. It features a little bit stouter size 1 Mustad hook and a nice bait keeper collar. The collar works well, but to REALLY keep the bait pinned securely, I add a touch of a gel super glue between the bait and the jig head itself. This squishy, soft plastic can make rigging slightly different and more challenging at times compared to typical plastic baits, so do keep that in mind.

On the NedlockZ HD jig head, the CrawZ looks outstanding. ElaZtech is extremely buoyant so the bait stands totally upright and the claws flick with even the smallest shakes of the rod tip.


A TRD CrawZ rigged on the company's own Ned LockZ HD jighead. Z-Man also has a range of finesse jigheads with weedless wires


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