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Event Preview

It's Time to Crank it Up!

Date: 11/28/08
Tackle Type: Crank Related
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Zander

It is officially time to unveil our plans for 2009, join us as we usher in ďThe Year of the Crank.Ē Crankbaits have long been a staple for bass anglers and this year we are seeing a massive resurgence in the category from both manufacturers and consumers. Itís time to tie one on, toss it out, and crank it up!


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Just like Swimbaits are Calís confidence baits crankbaits are mine. I absolutely love them, and over the years have bounced back and forth between different brands but what remains consistent is that I spend more time fishing cranks than any other class of lure. When it comes to looking for fish no other bait has better shown me how fish are reacting or where they are holding.


Ms. Casey helps usher in the Year of the Crank! Are you ready to
"Tie one on, toss it out, and CRANK it UP!"


Though I have been fishing crankbaits for years my catch rates really shot up a few years ago when I began to mix up the tackle I was using to match the particular technique. It was Cal that actually put me on a new rod specifically designed for the application when I discovered that I could really hone my crankbait fishing style to not only increase my catch rate but extend the range of applications where cranks would be effective.


There has been renewed interest in crankbaits and the all tackle that surrounds these classic baits


Since that day on Clear Lake Iíve invested in a lot of new crankbaits for different depths, tried countless new lines to determine which offers the best blend of toughness, shock resistance and sensitivity, and completely changed what type of rods I prefer to use for the technique.


...no crankbait is safe, if it resembles a crank its fair game

To our delight this past ICAST we observed an influx of new crankbaits, slow cranking reels, and application specific cranking rods from a wide range of manufacturers. It didnít matter if the company was one of the Tier 1 reel brands or a small custom rod shop, everyone seemed to have cranking on their mind. While crankbaits have taken a backseat to the big baits in recent seasons there is no doubt that there is room to innovate and still improve these proven lures.

We will take a look at the new crop of reels specifically created for power cranking

Advances in paint processes and finishes have made crankbaits more realistic than ever before, and computer aided design has allowed manufacturers to get really creative with their hydrodynamic designs. New baits means new ways to fish and professional anglers have developed new techniques to better fish these new baits. Many of these same professionals also are consulting pro-staff for rod manufacturers who in turn have developed tailored actions to meet the demands of these fresh lures and techniques.

Let the crankbait rod wars begin! Get ready for a slew of new crankbait rod reviews that will encompass everything from value rods to ultra premium sticks

So this coming year get ready for a slew of reviews that delve into the category like we have never before. Of course we wonít forgo our current scheduled review lineup, but if youíre a crankbait fiend like me then buckle up get ready a wild ride consisting of new-fangled crankbait reviews, new cranking reel reviews and shootouts, and following in the footsteps of our swimbait rod warsÖ. let the crankbait rod wars begin!









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