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Enthusiast Review

Give Me a Beat! ... and Make it Wild (continued)

Ease of Actuation: I quickly reeled it in to try again, this time laying into the cast and it flew in a more typical fashion kind of undulating a bit as it sailed through the air. Clicking the Shrapnel over, I began my retrieve and when the bait came into view, I could see the bait swimming in a very natural manner from side to side very reminiscent of the Roman Made Mother.

The no tail design is tough to look at but so smart

Sink Rate: Dropped on the side of the boat to view the bait's sink rate, it descends in a perfectly horizontal position at about a foot per second and change. I rechecked it in a swimming pool later on and counted it down eight feet in ten seconds. The bait freezes in that horizontal position when you stop your retrieve, then slowly sinks.

Stock hooks are unspecified but very sticky

If you like to make your glide baits do tricks, rest assured, Wild Beat likes to dance. Personally, I've backed off on a lot of that and fish these types of baits primarily on a straight retrieve. I will pause every now and then, but that's about it.

Bites are few and far between, but followers are plenty

As you might expect, bites on this bait are few and far between. What this bait does do is attract a lot of followers, so if you rig a follow up bait to throw behind them, sometimes you can get a fish that way. I even had a few bumps before finally getting a fish on this bait probably from smaller fish t-boning it or nudging it to see if the Wild Beat wanted to come out and play.

Big baits generally catch big fish, but we all know how aggressive largemouth can be - even the "small" three pounders

Design/Ergonomics: Again, my favorite thing about this big bait is the absence of any external fins and even the tail. This bait is ready to go right out of the box each and every time you reach for it to tie on. Color selection is limited, but a quick search on the bait's name online and you can see there are a lot of colors offered by Wild Lures Japan, it's just a matter of waiting around for them to be available.

One of my favorite things is that red logo on the head. In clear water, it's like an LED light helping you spot and track your lure so you spot followers

Price & Application: Wild Lures Japan offers the Wild Beat at $180. It is a big lure with a big price from over a big expanse of ocean. It is not a lure for the faint of heart, but it is a lure that will make you dream of big hits from big fish. Don't be disappointed if you catch a few three and four pounders with it - they will hit this lure.


Wild Lures Japan Wild Beat Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality So simple, yet beautiful all the same 9
Performance Ready to go right out of the box with an incredibly enticing swimming motion and sinking posture 9
Price An enthusiast's appetite is never satiated 6
Features Stock hooks are sticky, though the brand is unspecified 7.5
Design (Ergonomics) Different colors will be tough to come by 7
Application It's not a type of bait you can catch fish with every day 7

Total Score


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Pluses and Minuses:


+ A true BIG bait option - Limited color selection
+ Incredible posture on the pause - Cost to acquire is steep
+ Smooth swimming motion  
+ Not a bait the fish are likely to become conditioned towards because not many will plunk down that cash to acquire  


Conclusion: The Wild Beat by Wild Lures Japan is really an extraordinary bait for the fact it has no external fins or even a tail and is so ready to fish out of the box. It's a bait you can abuse in storage and in the water and hit holds up.


Unless you have access to some magical destination where bass routinely eat foot long fish, it's not a bait you're going to fill the livewell which makes those few and far between hits super thrilling even if the bass aren't much bigger than the bait!


With a bait this size, any bite, no matter how big or small, is pure adrenaline


For me, the victory was getting my hands on this bait before Zander. When I showed up on the boat with the Wild Beat he exclaimed, "Ohhh, I can't believe you bought that. I've had my eye on it for a while but couldn't commit." Typical follower mentality. For the angler, it's not the size of the bait that automatically culls the less aggressive buyers, it's the size of that price tag. Because of that, Wild Lures Japan's Wild Beat wins our Ultimate Enthusiast Award.


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