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Enthusiast Review

Creature Fever : Demon versus Valiant (continued)

Field Tests: The TKLC-77XXHX got a head start over the F10-76XBJ in our tests but both sticks endured repeated tests up at our home lake, Clear Lake, California. When it came down to a head to head comparison, I matched both reels up with variations of Megabass's LIN reels. The TKLC-77XXHX was paired with the 25th Anniversary LIN 10, and the F10-76XBJ was paired with its counterpart, the LIN Black Jungle.

By the time we received our Super Red Demon, we already had a good idea as to the utility of the Super Stallion Valiant.

Casting Bit Baits: Discussion of each rod's casting ability within their rated lure weight range is pretty moot. Each can handle its own in this category especially when matched with Megabass's LIN casting machines.

But a head to head comparison was still in order.

What has really been missing in the world of accessible JDM sticks are fishable rods built to handle big baits. We're talking four ounces and up. We've looked at rods from DEPS, among others, that can do the job, but they weren't comfortable at all to fish due to excessive weight. Neither of these two sticks have that problem.

Among the baits tested on each rod? TruTungsten's Trout Swimbait ...

The Wild Stallion Valiant is a little handicapped with regard to big baits as it's only rated to only five ounces, but it's a very respectable rating and of course, we wanted to see what it had. The Super Red Demon is rated to a whopping eight ounces.

... Rago's 10" 4-piece Tool ...

The biggest baddest bait we had in our immediate arsenal to test? How about the twelve inch Roman Made Mother rated at 10.5 ounces? This bait doubles the rating of the Super Stallion so we didn't expect much from this rod with this bait and as expected, the TKLC-77XXHX is overloaded with this bait tied on. It can handle it in a pinch, but it would not be our first choice.

... 22nd Century's 12" Wake Bait ...

The Super Red Demon, pushed to only 25% over rated capacity with this bait tied on, handled the Roman Made Mother much better but still would not be our first choice and that's mostly because of the cost of this stick! Even for us, it can be difficult to fish two so very expensive rods out of their lure rating.

... Mattlure's Hard Bass ...

Next Section: Lots of baits join this shootout









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