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Storage Review

Instant watercraft storage with the affordable pontoon upgrade, the Tulli Seat Bag

Date: 2/21/05
Tackle type: Fishing Apparel
Manufacturer: Sportgear.ca
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 9.00

Whether you plan on navigating a fast moving river or rowing across a stump filled reservoir, you want to make sure that all your gear is securely stowed and within easy reach when it comes time to actually start fishing. Sportgear's latest Tulli branded storage solution is a cleverly designed pontoon bag that can be worn over the shoulder or latched onto your pontoon's seat.

Tulli Pontoon Bag Specifications

Color Black
Base Material Aquapel
Storage 3 Compartments, Mesh Divider, 2 bottle holders
Attached via Buckle & compression straps
Water Resistant Yes
MSRP $29.99

About Tulli: Sportgear.ca is based in Canada, and has a simple mission; To design and build gear that enhances all your outdoor activities. Sportgear.ca is the parent company to a number of brands, of which the most renowned is Tulli. Over the last two years Tulli has steadily grown in popularity as they now have a number of quality solutions that really cater towards fly and salmon anglers. This performance gear includes chest packs, reel slings, stripping baskets, and now pontoon seat bags.

The Tulli Pontoon Seat bag fully loaded and compressed

A year and a half ago when we field tested the original Tulli Chest Pack we got a glimpse of Sportgear's innovative design capabilities. Tulli bags tend to be unique in that they offer increased storage while also enhancing freedom and mobility. The Tulli Pontoon bag is designed to offer a simple and easy way for anglers that fish with pontoon boats to be easily carry all their tackle from the car to the water. When I first examined the Tulli Pontoon Bag I was impressed with the bag's quality construction, and I was surprised how light the empty bag felt. The Tulli Pontoon Bag weighs in at only 9.2oz unloaded. The bag is collapsible and foldable, and all compartments can either be strapped or zippered shut for security. All the stress points are double stitched and the shoulder and back pad are cushioned agreeably.


Carrying the pontoon bag is made easy with an over the shoulder padded strap
(which is removable)


Real World Test: To test the Tulli Pontoon Bag we installed the bag on our Water Skeeter Pontoon for a period of 3 months. When fly fishing from the pontoon I've always had trouble transporting larger items on the water like back up reels or lunch, and when bass fishing from the pontoon I've never been able to carry multiple Plano boxes full of lures. We loaded the Tulli Pontoon Bag with all of these items and then some and headed out to navigate some local water to see whether or not the Tulli Pontoon Bag would really improve our pontoon fishing experience.


Installing the bag on the seat of your pontoon is as easy as clicking in four buckles


Installation: The Tulli Pontoon Bag installs on any pontoon, or chair for that matter, in seconds. Simply put the bag over the back end of your pontoon chair, like a saddle. Snap the four buckles (two on the side, and two on the bottom) to securely fasten the bag in place, and pull the compression straps to ensure a snug fit. The next time you put the bag on your pontoon you won't have to go through the strap adjustment, as each strap will be the right length already. While you can remove the Tulli Pontoon Bag in seconds it is also nice to know that you can leave the bag securely strapped onto the pontoon seat during transport as well. Overall the installation takes just a few seconds, and is really basic.


The added value of the bag is that it provides a foam cushion for your lower back


Storage: The Tulli Pontoon Bag boasts plenty of capacity. We were able to load the bag with two Plano 3600 boxes, 12 bags of plastics, pliers, two bottles of water, and still have room for lunch. The bag is able to expand when fully loaded and to prevent items from shifting about the bag has numerous compression straps to help keep everything neatly packed together. I particularly liked the use of mesh on the inside and outer pocket. The mesh makes it possible to secure items and still see exactly where they are, making them easier to locate.


The main pocket of the bag can be left open making it easy to grab boxes or even a landing net by simply reaching behind you. The quick draw insulated beverage holders are a nice touch


Ease of access/Ergonomics: With the Tulli Pontoon Bag mounted on the back of the seat it takes a little practice reaching around to grab your boxes and tools, but within the first hour we worked out a nice system of keeping the boxes in the open pocket, and all smaller items in the zippered compartments. A landing net can also easily be stowed in the open storage pocket and when fish are close you can simply reach behind your back to draw the net. Tulli did a good job with the drink holders. Prior to installing the bag the pontoon boat never had a good spot to stow drinks. The Tulli Pontoon Bag features insulated bottle holders perfect for 16oz bottled water or Gatorade. There is an insulated holder on each side to properly balance the bag. In time we were able to draw and stow the drinks back in the holders without even looking. The only downside to the drink holders is that bottles can't actually be strapped in, so that when you do fold the seat down during transport the angle causes the bottles to slide out.

On top of the added storage and easy access to fishing gear the Tulli Pontoon Bag also adds comfort to most pontoons. The front of the bag is actually tightly packed foam which is firm enough so that it doesn't impede rowing. The foam provides comfort to your lower back while rowing, and if you do desire more padding you can easily stuff a small pad or pillow behind the flap. This flap also provides comfort when you are carrying the bag across or over your shoulder. When loaded with plastic boxes and tools the pad acts as an effective guard against the side of your hips, making it possible to fish from shore with this bag as well.

Bass anglers will like the storage capacity of the bag, which makes it possible to carry up to 3 Plano boxes, or 2 and lunch

Durability: We have been using the Tulli Pontoon Bag for just over 3 months now and the bag remains in superb condition. We have deliberately submersed the bag in water for extended periods and the stress testing has done little to harm the bag at all. The zippers and mesh are heavy-duty and showed no signs of damage. The bag isn't waterproof but it is highly water resistant, thanks to use of Aquapel fabric. When the bag is wet it does dry very quickly, and because the bag is stowed on the back of your chair it rarely is exposed to much splashing, unless you are navigating whitewater.


The straps hold the bag in place even when the seat is folded down during transport

Value: We expected a bag of this design to cost upwards of 50+ dollars and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the Tulli Pontoon Bag retails for only 29.99 on Sportgear's own retail site, SalmonGear.com. At only 29.99 the Tulli Pontoon Bag is certainly a good deal, making it the cheapest pontoon upgrade we have tested to date. Tulli engineers some excellent application specific bags, and we are very glad to see that the company remains committed to offering them at value prices. It looks like the folks at Sportgear are not done innovating yet. Rumor has it that the company is introducing new fly storage solutions and a deluxe version of their already admirable chest pack shortly. If the Tulli Pontoon Bag is any indication of what's to come, then anglers are certainly in for a treat.



Tulli Pontoon Bag Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The Tulli bag is well designed and quite durable. We were impressed with the bag's overall weight, which is very light. 9
Performance The Tulli pontoon bag did exactly what it was supposed to do. Plenty of straps make it possible to really pack your items neatly and compactly. 9
Price This bag is extremely aggressively priced. For 29.99 this is probably the cheapest upgrade you can do to your pontoon boat...as well as one of the most useful. 9.5
Features Lots of storage. It would have been nice to see a dedicated pocket for quick draw tools, but the straps can be used to stow most tools within easy reach. 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) The Tulli is an excellent design, which is comfortable to carry, easy to install, and easy to use while on the water. The padded front actually improves the comfort level of your pontoon. 9
Application The Tulli is made for fly fishing pontoon anglers, but can be used on a lot of small portable watercraft including mini bass trackers, and even fishing kayaks. 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Innovative design L Bottles slide out when seat is folded down during transport
J Large Capacity  
J Adds comfort to pontoons  
J Exceptional Price  

Conclusion: Sportgear's new products are really aimed at fly fisherman, but the Tulli Pontoon Bag can help making fishing from these inflatables easier for just about everyone. Bass anglers can take advantage of the bag's storage capabilities, and bring more lures with them as they row reservoirs in the pursuit of largemouth. What I like best about the bag is that it is easy to install, easy to carry, easy to use on the water, and most of all....easy on the wallet. At a price tag under 30 dollars this bag is one of the most affordable and useful upgrades you make to your pontoon boat. The easy to employ design allows the bag to fit like a glove on all the popular pontoon boats, mini bass boats, and even some of the new fishing kayaks. The Tulli Pontoon Bag is a great value and worthy of serious consideration if you own a pontoon, ensuring you are geared to go wherever you choose to row.


Until next time...Tight Lines!









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