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Tool Review

Simple and Surprising, Texas Tackle's SSplit Ring Pliers


Date: 5/22/08
Tackle type: Tools
Manufacturer: Texas Tackle
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 7.50 + EDITORS CHOICE!

Can something as simple as a pair of pliers offer any real innovation? Texas Tackle thinks so and is selling pliers designed with a single purpose, to be the very best split ring pliers available on the market.

Texas Tackle SSplit Ring Pliers specifications

Overall Length 5"
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 1.9oz
Additional Features Compact size, bright orange grips
Price $16.99

Impressions: We often take for granted how important pliers are, and pliers simply donít give the respect they deserve, that is until you forget to bring them on your boat. Trying to unhook treble hooks from fish without pliers can be a feat in itself, and changing out bent out or broken hooks can wreak havoc on your fingernails. Many companies have released rebranded OEM pliers, offering little in terms of design improvement, or even distinguishable differences save for dissimilar style grips.


The Texas Tackle SSplit Ring Pliers are a patented tool designed for the application its name implies

Other manufacturers have released pliers that they claim can do it all, or are the last pliers that you will ever have to buy. Texas Tackleís patented SS Pliers (SSplit-Ring Pliers) are designed with an exclusive tip made specifically to better handle split rings. Changing out hooks can be a pain, especially on the water if you have to fiddle with your tools. When I first learned about the Texas Tackle SS Pliers we were skeptical, after all is it really possible to make a pair of pliers that much better than what is already out there?

The unique triangle tip on the SS pliers

My first impression of the SS pliers was that the pliers were simple in design, small in size, had a peculiar tip, and overall utterly unremarkable. Our tests included changing out a variety of split rings both in the lab and in the field. We changed out split rings of varying sizes, on different types of lures ranging from slender jerkbaits to foot long swimbaits.

The SS pliers are small enough to be stored with lures

Operation: The SS pliers are made out of surgical grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance and the grips are a bright orange, making them easy to identify. You canít miss the bright orange grips, even if you put them in a box or boat filled with other tools. As I started playing with these small pliers I started realizing that though simple in design the minimalistic approach is what makes this product work.

The SS pliers have a durable hinge and spring

The first split ring you remove with these pliers and a little light bulb appears, the Texas Tackle pliers do work, and they work well. Simply insert the wedge into the center of the split ring and the ring will open, but unlike other pliers the elongated lower nose will hold the split ring in place. To put the ring on a hook place the wedge in the split of the ring and the pliers will hold the ring open for the hook to be placed into the ring. Once the hook is in position simply rotate the pliers and you will find that the split ring is easier to work with the Texas Tackle SS than with any other pair of pliers.

The pliers work so well it is possible to switch hooks in seconds even on the boat

The SS pliers are able to accomplish this superior split ring management with a combination of two main elements. The uniquely designed triangle tip really is an innovative improvement over traditional pliers. The SS nose holds split rings in place by themselves while gapping the rings widely and still supporting the ring better when working hooks on or off. The second design element that gives anglers more control over split rings is the overall short length of the pliers. The shorter design allows anglers to get in tight in relation to baits and better control the split rings without having to rotate or twist the pliers too far away from the lure. It is this combination that gives the Texas Tackle pliers a higher level of precision than traditional pliers.

I often have to change out damaged hooks on jerkbaits I use for striper fishing

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