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Event Article:

ishing with Tackle Warehouse and BASS Elite Angler Jared Lintner

Date: 4/21/08
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
Event Date: 4/19/08
Reviewer: Zander







Introduction: The day after we toured Tackle Warehouse’s operation we head out for a day on the water with Rich, the TW team, and professional Bass Elite Series angler Jared Lintner. We head out to Lake Nacimiento just north of the company’s headquarters in San Luis Obispo, CA.


Professional BASS Elite Series Angler Jared Lintner and his sweet tournament ride

Rich and Jared grew up fishing Lake Lopez, Margarita, and Nacimiento. Naci was once considered a top trophy largemouth lake, that was until spotted bass arrived at the lake.

Jared and Rich check baits before we launch

Since then the spotted bass have virtually taken over Naci, gaining ground in the largemouth territory and all but wiping out the once numerous smallmouth. Another inhabitant to the lake is white bass, and Nacimiento is the only lake in California that was stocked with these feisty fish.

Three boats, six anglers, and lots of laughs

We head out to the lake with three boats, with two anglers to a boat. JIP fished with Rich, I ran shotgun with Jared, and Sales Manager Corey Schmidt fished with Buyer Joey Reggio. At the launch Corey proposed a friendly game of top 5. “I don’t fish for fun,” Jared joked as he pulled away from the launch ramp in his tournament geared Skeeter.

Jared is all business as we head out to our first destination

I knew Jared was joking, but the minute he punched the motor it was on! Jared powered into one of his proven spots and pulled out his topwater rigs and went to work as if money was on the line.

Rich and JIP get going, their first stop...coves

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