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A behind the scenes look at the new and improved Tackle Warehouse


Date: 4/3/10
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
Event Date: 3/27/10
Reviewer: Zander

It has been two years since we first visited the team at Tackle Warehouse and since that time the company has grown a great deal both in terms of total product offering as well as moving into a new state of the art facility to keep up with their fast paced growth. We head back down to San Luis Obispo, CA for a behind the scenes look at the new and improved Tackle Warehouse.




A little history: Long time readers will remember our last trip to Tackle Warehouse when we met up with Rich Zeilenga, one of the founders of Tackle Warehouse, and he gave us a tour of his current operation as well as the new facility being constructed which would become the new home of Tackle Warehouse.


The new Tackle Warehouse building dwarfs their previous facility


Rich focused his attention on bass tackle first because of the ability to reach a broad audience not just in the US, but internationally. He also wanted to make sure that no matter what size they were that they delivered better service to customers, whether that was through having the right products, getting orders out quickly or service after the sale. With this basic idea Rich approached the owner’s of Tennis Warehouse, Drew Munster and Mark Sczbecki the nation’s largest distributor of tennis products.


This building is now home to a family of brands


Being an angler himself Drew liked the proposal and Tackle Warehouse was born. We won’t go into the humble beginnings of the operation again but suffice to say that Tackle Warehouse started in a tiny local shop and has outgrown their facilities three times already.


Rich Zeilenga the founder of TW in front of the new retail storefront


When we toured the new facility in 2008 it was still under construction and was little more than a shell full of metal beams and leftover shelving. Rich showed us where the new retail store would eventually be as well as the area that would make up the warehouse. It was somewhat hard to visualize exactly how the final facility would look and we were eager to see just how well the plan had been realized on this trip.


Going back two years to that same spot...


The new facility was just across the field from their old facility but absolutely dwarfs it in size and scale. A number of the “Warehouses,” including Tackle Warehouse, Tennis Warehouse and Running Warehouse are all now integrated into one corporate facility.


...and present day


Next Section: The new facility and going green









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