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Event Article:

A behind the scenes look inside Tackle Warehouse

Date: 4/20/08
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
Event Date: 4/19/08
Reviewer: Zander & JIP

Over the course of the last five years Tackle Warehouse has grown to become one of the most respected tackle e-tailers on the internet. The company focuses on offering the very latest bass tackle, quick delivery, and excellent customer service. Recently we were invited to take a behind the scenes look at what makes Tackle Warehouse one of the fastest growing tackle outfitters out there.


Tackle Warehouse is located in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California

Tackle Warehouse, in the beginning: Tackle Warehouse is located in central California in a town called San Luis Obispo. It was in this area that Rich Zeilenga the founder of Tackle Warehouse grew up. Rich fished the local waters of Lake Lopez with his friend Jared Lintner, both of which were very interested in professional competitive fishing. They fished regional tournaments and had success together. Rich was a good fisherman but said that when it came to tournaments “Jared just has it” and that is evidenced as today Jared is a respected bass pro who fishes the BASS Elite Series Tour.

The current home of Tackle Warehouse, and the third facility the company has moved to in just five years

While Jared went on to find success on the tour Rich graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The very same University that both Zander and JIP graduated from, in fact they actually went to school at the same time. After graduation Rich knew he wanted to do something within the fishing industry and traveled back east for two years looking for an opportunity. When nothing really presented itself Rich returned to San Luis Obispo to work at the same company he had worked for during his Cal Poly college years, Tennis Warehouse.

Rich talks to Zander in the Tackle Warehouse retail store

It was here that he had a vision, to create a online tackle retail store that really served the consumer in terms of giving consumers an easy to navigate site, providing a better look at the products that consumers are actually buying, more in depth information, and a higher level of customer service than anglers were used to receiving.

A look at the retail store in front of the warehouse

Rich focused on bass tackle first because of the ability to reach a broad audience not just in the US, but internationally. With saltwater fishing the tackle and techniques are much more regional, and while the company may one day expand into saltwater focusing on bass fishing made the most sense for Tackle Warehouse in the company’s infancy.

Corey Schmidt is Tackle Warehouse's Sales Manager and responsible for positioning on the site

With this basic idea Rich approached the owner’s of Tennis Warehouse, Drew Munster and Mark Sczbecki the nation’s largest distributor of tennis products. Being an angler himself Drew liked the proposal and Tackle Warehouse was born. During the first year the company operated out of a one room shop that included a retail storefront, an office, and shipping and receiving all packed tightly into this single space. From this meager start Tackle Warehouse grew a loyal customer base quickly expanded both their offerings and the size of their operation. Since then Tackle Warehouse has moved twice and we visit them as they are just a few months away from moving to yet another new location.

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