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Swimbait Storage Review


The Wrap to Get. Swimbait Underground's Union 9"  (continued)


Real World Tests: When Swimbait Underground debuted their own wrap I was immediately interested to check out the design, functionality, and overall build quality. I ordered a total of four wraps and have been using them for the storage and transport of my swimbait rotation over the last season. Originally I had a number of trips planned to fish in both Florida and Texas but both of those trips were cancelled with the onset of the current COVID situation. I had originally planned to use these wraps for transporting swimbaits in my luggage, then utilize them at the destinations. When my trips were canceled I thought that I wouldn't be able to fully utilize the wraps, but that assumption was quickly proven wrong as I found myself in the truck a lot more than usual, driving from one fishing destination to the next. It was here that the Swimbait Underground (SU) Wraps found regular service in my primary tackle bag.


The pockets are quite large and can accommodate one large bait each or two medium sizes ones


Operation: No manual is required when using tackle wraps, as the operation of these soft storage options is simple and intuitive. Saltwater anglers have been using them for decades, and recognized the need for a relatively low cost, and easy to use, corrosion-free solution for storing their oversized jigs and plugs. As more and more bass anglers started adopting big baits, and the swimbait craze continued to ramp, the need for a more flexible storage solution also arose in this freshwater segment. Today there are a wide range of lure wraps available. Some are designed for single baits, some are transparent, some feature padded interiors, and even mesh backings to aid with the drying of lures.


Though thin in profile we were pleasantly surprised how well the pockets accommodated custom baits of various size and thickness


The Swimbait Underground Union Wrap combines both classic wrap design with some modern features including a rugged cloth exterior and both transparent and opaque internal pockets that are accessible in different ways. The two center pockets are both transparent for easy identification of the contents, and accessed on top opening that is secured with Velcro.  


The hybrid pocket on either end opens on three sizes for quick and easy access


I found it easy to store and deploy one full sized swimbait in each of these compartments, or two small to mid sized baits. You don't need to press on the Velcro to lock in these clear compartments as there is a top flap that provides added security to all pockets, and simply folding this over and rolling up the wrap will automatically ensure all the baits are securely stowed.


Have precious custom baits that are oddly sized or feature both hard and soft elements? No problem with this wrap as it easily accommodates both soft and hard bodied swimbaits equally well


On either side of the clear compartments is a hybrid pocket that is even easier to access and features a flap that opens on three sides to provide complete access to the compartment. I found these compartments the easiest to access and very good for stowing the largest baits, or swimbaits with larger widths, like rats or the DRT Joker for example. The only downside to these hybrid compartments is that you cannot see through the flaps, and need to remember what you stow inside. This isn't an issue if you are only using one wrap but if your swimbait arsenal spans a few wraps you may want to consider different color Unions to help make identification easier. Luckily the company offers three colors.


Update (10/21/20) We have learned more about the design and rationale for the hybrid pockets (non-clear) versus the transparent windowed ones. Swimbait Underground confirmed that the hybrid pockets were specifically made for soft bodied baits and that over time these soft baits would react with the clear plastic pockets, causing deformation, so they created the hybrid pockets to address this issue. Of course, these flexible pockets can just as easily be used for hard-bodied swimbaits.  


I was impressed how easily the Union was able to stow even full sized swimbaits like the Deps Slide Swimmer 250 for example which is technically 10" and yet still can fit in the hybrid pocket


It only took a few trips for me to appreciate just how good these SU wraps are. I found that they not only did a fantastic job accommodating just about every swimbait type, but also folded down nicely, making it easy to transport the wraps while protecting each individual swimbait. 


The overall build quality of the Swimbait Underground Union wraps is top notch, and what you would expect from a product made right here in the United States. The materials have held up well, as has the stitching, and they have successfully provided the type of storage, protection, and transport that I have been seeking for high-end swimbaits. 


The top of the wrap consists of a flap that fold sown to ensure baits will not slide out. Folded up this is one very compact wrap


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