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Line Review


SpiderWire's 4-Strand Braid Offers a Stealthy Option for Fishing Through Vegetation (continued)

Noise: On the noise front, Stealth flies through the guides on a cast relatively quietly but does make some noise as you bring your bait back on when the line is taut. Even so, I think it's actually more quiet than something like Sunline's FX2 braid though I did not use the product with any rods sporting all-metal style guides. The rods that I used all had some type of ceramic insert in their guides.

Knot strength was good - even my connection knot for the spinning reel held up

Impact/Knot Strength: I'm happy to report SpiderWire Stealth held up very well in this regard on my 50 pound test combo fishing big baits through repeated casts, occasional hookups, and very few instances where I needed to retie. Additionally, where I was actually concerned with this line was my connection knot at my fluorocarbon leader. I'm admittedly not the best at this knot and I thought there was a risk that more abrasive finish on stealth might impact the effectiveness of my connection. After a season I am happy to report that my concerns were unwarranted as Spiderwire held up fine in this application as well.

Swinging on a big bait fish. Both the line and knots held up and with each fish continued to build my confidence in this braid

Longevity: Through a season of fishing, the finish on SpiderWire Stealth does wear to the point the line feels less protected and more vulnerable to wear and fraying. The key word here is feels. Where I experienced this wear was on the 50 pound setup where I fished the line without a leader, but while the end of the Stealth looked worn and was more susceptible to fraying, I didn't experience any actual failures. The line was simply more raw and free from that waxy finish. On my spinning setup, Stealth held up better because I used fluorocarbon leaders the entire time.


A chunk courtesy of SpiderWire Stealth



SpiderWire Stealth Braid Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A no frills braid made with a relatively round profile and diameters that measured a bit smaller than published. Dyneema braids always inspire confidence and this one is weaved well 8
Performance Casts well and has minimal noise for a 4-strand braid coming through the guides. Overall, though it is a bit stiffer with the coating it does handle better than I expected 8
Price $0.08 per yard - among the more affordable braid products 8
Features Available in wide range of different patterns and colors. The transition between colors is not as smooth as some braids but overall the line looks great on spool and in the water 8
Design (Ergonomics) Built with a fluoropolymer treatment that holds up well and seems to perform as advertised (helps with casting and noise performance). Once the coating does wear the line does exhibit some fraying but continued to hold up to strikes, sets, and battles. On setups where I used leader the lines held up well over the entire season, and overall knot strength is good 7
Application Whether your preference is to choose your line based on application or the color of your combo, Stealth has an option for you. The traditional camo I tested is good for freshwater applications 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
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Pluses and Minuses:


+ Available in a wide range of colors - The coating does make the line a bit stiffer
+ Thin diameter line and hold up well  
+ Quiet through the guides for a 4-strand braid - Finish will wear off and leave the line feeling vulnerable after some time on the water
+ Easy handling line overall  
+ Reasonable price  


Conclusion: It's not often that a 4 strand braid catches my attention, but SpiderWire Stealth doesn't fish like a typical 4 strand braid. From my initial evaluation in the lab where I discovered the line's diameter was actually smaller than published (usually it's the other way around), to my time on the water with this line where it handled better than I expected - especially in the area of noise, Stealth really surprised me.

It's not often that a 4 strand braid catches my attention, but SpiderWire Stealth doesn't fish like a typical 4 strand braid

Further, I thought this braid product was like all the others and only available in two or three different colors, but while writing this article and performing my due diligence, I found on SpiderWire's website that Stealth is available in a wide variety of colors including several camo options that simply look too fun not to try! Granted there are probably more people than not reading this article thinking who cares about different colored line options, but if you just try, you can really have a lot of fun matching the color of your line to your combo. I liken it to wearing different colored socks. Sometimes you want to stay basic black or white, but other times you want to have a little fun and put your eccentric side on display. What better way to do that on your fishing combo than using a Aqua Camo or Glow-Vis  braided line.

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