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Swimbait Review


Rat Rumble: Fish the Sneaky!


Date: 11/12/21
Tackle type: Swimbait
Manufacturer: Sneaky Baits
Reviewer: Zander


Introduction: In the world of rat swimbaits hand carved wooden baits are among the most coveted, both for their artistry and effectiveness. These baits often exhibit a hard to imitate swimming action combined with a loud knock. Custom swimbait garage builder Brady Scott is the creator of the Sneaky Baits “Sneaky Rat,” a bait that has gone from a sleeper to one of the most sought-after wooden rats on the scene.


Sneaky Baits Sneaky Rat Swimbait Specifications

Type Swimbait - Wakebait - Topwater or Crank
Length 5 inch body, 10" including tail
Weight 3.1 ounces - measured
Material Wood
Sections Two (one joint)
Patterns Custom - Natural wood grain and customizable paint patterns built to order
MSRP $158.00 (natural wood), $188 (painted)


The Sneaky Baits "Sneaky" Rat is a rat constructed out of various types of wood


Impressions and Craftsmanship: The amount of labor that goes into making a hand carved wooden swimbait, and especially a rat, is staggering. The only way I could really appreciate it was to make some of my own to study the entire process, and this endeavor gave me a far greater appreciation for just how difficult it is to carve, weight, and apply the lip at just the right angle, and finally finish the bait so it even looks like something you would want to tie on. When it comes to wooden rats Brady at Sneaky Baits has continued to refine his signature bait, the Sneaky, and has built a strong following among anglers that know how deadly this custom bait can be.


Underneath the Sneaky you can see the plugs where it is weighted


In terms of craftsmanship the Sneaky is great example of why wood continues to be one of the very best materials in which to build rat swimbaits with. The wood grain is on full display on unpainted Sneaky baits, and each lure is truly unique. Brady employs a variety of woods in his builds, and each bait is weighted, and swim tested to ensure it delivers the intended action. Scars on the gloss surface only add character and each bait is finished with a set of large round eyes under the rounded ears. The best way I can describe the overall profile of the Sneaky is that it is compact and “cute” looking. The bait is finished with a hand poured Illude tail, which many rat builders use due to excellent float and durability.


The Sneaky is finished with a hand poured tail that screws into a recessed area for a seamless look


Ready to Rumble: I previously had been trying to trade for a Sneaky for about a year without success when Brady let me know that he had one Sneaky available for me from his 2020 batch. I jumped at the opportunity and purchase my first Sneaky, a Toasted Ambrosia Maple rat. The “toasted” term means that a flame has been applied to the wood to darken certain areas before the final gloss layer is applied. The technique gives the bait some additional depth and color, as well as further brings out the grain.


My first Sneaky was made from Ambrosia Maple and toasted to add color and character


I fished this Sneaky for an entire season and was able to secure a second one in the 2021 build, and this time was able to request a customized painted one. Over the last season I fished both baits in our RatRumble alongside a variety of other rats, some of which were also made of wood, and many that were constructed from resin.


The Sneaky is a relatively compact rat with a 5 inch body


Dexterity: The Sneaky may look compact but it is surprisingly heavy at 3.1 ounces, for rat of this size, due primarily to the solid wood construction, but also the way that the bait is weighted. This bait is best fished with a dedicated swimbait stick, and I really like the weight of this bait which makes it easier to cast accurately near structure. Unlike other longer, and dual segmented rats, the Sneaky casts “tight,” which means that it doesn’t flop or flail around when cast, making it easy to accurately place into target zones.


The bait even looks "sneaky" in the water

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