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Lure Review

Tie One On, Toss It Out and Hang On! Introducing Sworming Hornet Lure's Fish Head Spin

Date: 11/7/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Sworming Hornet Lures
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.75

Introduction: Bladed jigheads like the Blakemore Road Runner have been around for ages. They're a great way to match the hatch and trigger strikes from fish that are keying on bait fish. But up until recently, they were only available in small, three-sixteenths and under sizes - Not a great option if you're looking to fill a livewell with some quality sized fish. Enter Rick Steckelberg, owner of Sworming Hornet Lures who several years ago began experimenting with different bladed jighead designs at sizes appropriate for bigger game fish. Just a couple of short years ago, it all came together and today, we are excited to bring to you, our review of the Sworming Hornet Lure's Fish Head Spin.


Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin Specifications

Type Bladed Jighead
Depth Any
Weight 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 ounce
Colors/Patterns 12 color patterns
Hook Mustad Ultra Point
Additional Features Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivel, 3D Holographic Eyes, Willow Leaf Blade
MSRP $4.00


Background: Rick Steckelberg's goal several years was to develop his own interpretation of a jighead with something that closely resembled a shad, a seemingly ubiquitous freshwater baitfish. The end result is what we see today, a flat jighead design with a freely rotating willow leaf blade set off of the jighead body through the use of a couple of interlocking swivels.


Introducing the Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin

The Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin is so simple in appearance the design seems obvious - just like most good designs. The first thing I noticed upon receipt of my Fish Head Spins was the ease by which the blade spun. Otherwise, the bait seemed really unphenomenal to me, but of course, it's what the fish think that really counts.



Note the flat, shad like profile of the jighead

The Field Tests:
I fished the Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin on and off over the course of the past year primarily on one of two setups: a Megabass Jabberwock Evoluzion rod paired with a Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light and a Megabass Shabbler spinning rod paired with a Daiwa Certate Finesse 2004 reel.


Complete test rigs for Sworming Hornet Fish Head Spin Field Tests

Rig One Rig Two
Rod Megabass F4 1/2-68XFti Jabberwock Evoluzion Megabass F3-69XS Shabbler
Reel Daiwa I'ZE Light Daiwa Certate Finesse 2004
Line 14lb Sunline Shooter 6lb Original P-Line


We fished the SW Fish Head in several different sizes, this is the 1/2 ounce version

Each bait comes wtih quality components including a Mustad Ultra Point Hook and ball bearing swivels.


Rigging: The best way to compliment the Fish Head Spin is to add a trailer of your favorite soft plastic worm, grub, or jerkbait. I fished the 1/2 ounce version of this bait with both an eleven inch V&M Hog Wild plastic worm and the Zoom Super Fluke. The eleven inch worm was far too large for this bait, but I wanted to see how it would handle. After about a dozen casts, I switched it out. My recommendation is to stick with something along the same size as the fluke. In fact, I had such good success using a Zoom Fluke as the trailer, I haven't used anything else since.

The Fish Head Spin sports a very narrow head to cut through weeds


Let's see how this lure performs  









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