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Reel Review


Shimano's Twin Power FD is a Solid Choice (continued)

Drag: Given its size and the fact it's made to hold 140 yards of 3lb test, the Twin Power FD C2000S-HG is obviously a reel made for light line applications. As such, it does not come with a very robust drag, but what drag it does have is buttery smooth because the spool is supported by a bearing along the shaft and an additional one nestled within the spool, adjacent to the single, felt, drag washer. I expected the one bearing beneath the spool, but whenever I come across a spinning reel with an additional bearing nestled in the spool itself, I know that drag is going to be butter. The Twin Power's drag performance does not disappoint.

The drag on this particular model consists of a single, felt washer. Shimano installs an additional bearing within the spool (inset) to ensure smooth, consistent drag performance

Bail Operation: The Twin Power's one piece bail wire flips into casting position very easily. The little bit of resistance you feel from the spring suddenly gives way when you're about ninety percent back. After that point, the bail feels like it's on auto-open mode snapping back into open position. Once you've made your cast, the bail snaps close quickly and forcefully at the turn of the handle. If you close the bail by hand, you can really feel the strength of that spring snap the bail forward into retrieve position.

The Twin Power's bail is a one piece wire design

Line Twist: Like most spinning reels today, and especially the pricier ones, the Twin Power's roller guide is bearing supported and does a good job of managing your line. Light line can be especially touchy at times but I did not experience any strange loops sticking out of the spool, line caught up under the spool and around the shaft, or any other indications that my line was twisted up. I was quite satisfied with the Twin Power's performance here.

The Twin Power's bearing supported line roller performs well

Somewhere, beneath all that grease is a bearing supporting the roller guide

Design & Ergonomics: That "C" designation at the beginning of the reel's model number indicates a compact frame. Reels with this designation sport whatever spool size is indicated, but have the body of the next size down. I used to adore fishing 1000 sized reels but became frustrated with line memory that resulted from the tight coil on that small spool. The C2000S-HG alleviates that concern with a larger spool and makes for even more fun than the C3000 size I usually fish.

That "C" designation at the beginning of the reel's model number indicates the body is one size smaller than what usually comes with the spool size

It's worth repeating that this reel features an all metal construction. This really surprised me because most spinning reels at this price point come with a rotor that's made of a composite material (usually carbon) to lessen that rotational weight delivering low start up inertia. But the Twin Power delivers good startup inertial with a metal rotor and because of this all metal construction, it's super solid to fish. This could all be due to the size I decided to fish as well. If so, the C2000 could be my new favorite size in a spinning reel.

Shimano manufactures the Twin Power FD in Japan

Price & Applications: Retail price on the Twin Power FD range from $399.99 to $419.99 depending on model. Sizes range from 1000 through 5000. That means there's a Twin Power FD suitable for everything from pursuing panfish to surf casting for striper and halibut and whatever species you choose to pursue in between. Throw in the JDM options and you can find different retrieve ratio and spool options in almost every size as well. The only thing that seems to be missing is the option for a double handle model.

Retail price on the Twin Power FD range from $399.99 to $419.99 depending on size. Sizes range from 1000 through 5000


Shimano Twin Power FD C2000S-HG Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Put together very well. The all metal construction gives the reel a very solid feel 9
Performance Smooth in casting and retrieve 9
Price Just a step below Stella 7
Features All metal construction, Micromodule Gear II, HAGANE Body & Gear, Long Stroke Spool, X-Protect, X-Ship 8
Design (Ergonomics) This model in particular is super compact and fun to fish 8
Application Available in 5 different sizes with both North American and JDM configurations 8

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
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Pluses and Minuses:


+ Super compact size - Some configurations are JDM only
+ Smooth and wobble free - That spool in this model is REALLY shallow
+ All metal construction  
+ Saltwater safe  

The Twin Power is as solid a platform as I've fished and I have no trouble recommending it be added or your list of considerations in a higher end spinning reel package

Conclusion: I barely gave Shimano's Twin Power FD a thought as I was fishing it. That's a good thing. While it didn't match my reconfigured DSR820S GLX aesthetically, the C2000S-HG was a perfect match in size, weight, and performance.


Over the course of the season I have really come to appreciate The Twin Power FD's compact package, which is small in footprint and yet very solid feeling during retrieves, and also how worry-free the reel performed throughout all tests.


I wasn't sure about that super shallow spool, but it held plenty of 3lb Sunline Shooter and helped me manage that line efficiently. The Twin Power is as solid a platform as I've fished and I have no trouble recommending it be added or your list of considerations in a higher-end spinning reel package.


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