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Reel Review


Shimano's Twin Power FD is a Solid Choice


Date: 8/27/20
Tackle Type: Reel
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.17 - GREAT

Fresh off the heels of my positive experience with the Stradic FL, I was hungry for a new spinning reel to fish. Turns out, Stradic wasn't the only spinning reel platform from Shimano to be updated for 2020. Twin Power, the former JDM only but now global platform sitting somewhere between Sustain and Stella, also received some new initials. Twin Power FD is available in all the standard North American sizes, but more intriguing to me, were the JDM shallow spool configurations. Here's our look at the Twin Power FD C2000S-HG.


Shimano Twin Power FD C2000S-HG Specifications

Line Capacity - Rated 3lb / 140yds
Line Capacity - Spool Volume 4.2 cm3
Retrieve Ratio
Inches Per Turn (IPT) - calculated
27 - 31
Weight 6.2 oz
Handle Length 45 mm
Bearings 9+1
Bearings per Knob 2 bearings
Line Roller Bearings 1
Origin Made in Japan
MSRP $409 (varies by size)

Introducing Shimano's Twin Power FD D2000S-HG

Impressions: In an effort to change things up from all the 3000 sized spinning reels I've fished over the last few years, I decided to go back to my roots and choose something smaller. As mentioned earlier, Twin Power is now a global product for Shimano, but the manufacturer offers different configurations of the reel depending on the market in which it is being sold. It's no secret I'm a proponent of the shallow spool options because when I reach for my spinning gear, I usually have a light line application in mind. When it came time to decide on a Twin Power FD, I went JDM, and with the help of our friends at JapanTackle, I was able to acquire the C2000S-HG.


One of the reasons I decided to step down in size from a 3000 was because the smaller sized reels come with the smaller I shaped knobs


This reel is comes with a shallow, 2000 sized spool on a compact, 1000 sized frame and is way smaller than I had anticipated. It's an all metal reel that weighs in at only six point two ounces (6.2oz) and comes with a nice, comfortable 45 mm handle capped off by an I-shaped knob. In truth, this is why I decided on a smaller model. I wanted to avoid getting yet another reel with the T-knob, which I do not feel is as ergonomically friendly for freshwater applications. If I had gone with a 3000 size, that's the kind of knob I would have gotten. Twin Powers in the 2500 size and smaller come with an I-knob.

Spooled with 3lb Sunline Shooter Invisible FC. Almost too perfect to fish!

Real World Tests: Made to be fished with 3lb line, I pulled out one of my last remaining spools of Sunline Shooter Invisible in 3lb test (this product line has been discontinued and replaced by a similar product, Sniper Invisible) and loaded it up on my Twin Power. After seeing how well the line matched the reel, and realizing I only had one spool left, I wasn't sure if I could actually bring my self to fish it! Nevertheless, I paired the freshly spooled reel with my stripped down, and rebuilt G.Loomis DSR820S GLX.

If the DSR820S GLX came stock with this reel seat design, it would have won my Ultimate Enthusiast Award

One of my projects during the shelter in place precaution brought about by Covid-19, was to strip that rod down so I could replace the original reel seat I found so annoying during the rod's review. I heard that G.Loomis has made a running change to the rod addressing that component but I'm not sure what the new seat looks like, but both of mine (yes, I purchased two) now sport Fuji TVS spinning reel seats adorned with electric blue accents to match the stick's trim thread. If this stick came stock with that reel seat design, it would likely have won our Ultimate Enthusiast Award.

The Twin Power features Shimano's latest long stroke spool design

Casting: Similar to the Stradic FL, the Twin Power features Shimano's latest long stroke spool design as a trickle down effect from the Stella. The idea is for a taller than normal spool allowing you to store more line at a wider diameter thereby decreasing the angle of departure over the spool's lip as your line flies off on a cast.

More than the taller spool design, what I appreciate is the Twin Power's angled, titanium coated lip at the top of the spool making it easy for the line to slip off the reel and into your cast.

The 2000 size comes with a 45mm handle and the afore mentioned I-knob

Retrieve: Of course, what separates a "nice" spinning reel from one that might be thought of as mediocre is the experience you have when you first turn the handle. Shimano has gone through extensive efforts to refine the mesh of their Micromodule gearing now boasting a second iteration of that tech in this reel (Micromodule II). Additionally, the manufacturer has done their best to eliminate noise and vibration throughout the reel in what they call their Silent Drive system. The end result is a reel with minimal startup inertia and smooth, quiet operation.

The reel's all metal construction results in a super solid platform in a compact package

Power: It's tough to discuss power when you're fishing 3lb test, but the Twin Power FD C2000S-HG's Micromodule II gearing works very efficiently and I never experienced a point in which the reel locked up or felt stressed battling the occasional bass that decided to come out and play. I believe a lot of that has to do with the reel's all metal construction too. This model is just a super solid platform in such a compact package, I have a hard time getting over how easy everything is.

Shimano installs a bearing along the shaft beneath the spool

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