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Lure Preview

Shimano gets Jiggy with the Lucanus System

Date: 1/18/08
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander



Introduction: Shimano is set to revolutionize the way anglers fish yet again with the introduction of a brand new bottom fishing system called Lucanus. Two years in the making this new system revolves around a new type of jig that carries the butterfly jigging concept to the next level.


With the success of the Butterfly Jigging system it was just a matter of time before we would see another technique altering system from Shimano...

The Lucanus system will be officially introduced in the March timeframe but we got a sneak peak at the Sacramento International Sportsmen Exhibition. At the show we met up with Dan, also known as Bantam1 on the TT Shimano Support Forum.

...meet the Lucanus Jig, which will be officially released in March and be the centerpiece in a brand new jigging system designed to target rockfish

When we arrived at the Shimano booth Bantam1 ushered us to the back of the display, and dug the jigs out of his bag. What ensued must have looked like a clandestine exchange to show attendees as many tried desperately to sneak in and get a peek of what we were shooting with our cameras. These jigs are the brainchild of Ted Sakai at Shimano, and are not like the similar offering in Japan, but instead are an evolutionary design created just for the American market.

The Lucanus Jig features a unique profile that looks something like a cross between a bug and a squid (notice the hooks coming out of the top)

The Lucanus jigs resemble a small bug-squid hybrid (the lure itself is named after the Lucanus, a well known series of stag beetle, most likely due to the likeness in profile). The lures are surprisingly heavy for their diminutive size and the cores are made out of a lead alloy. The body is compact yet hydrodynamic, and looks like the mantle of a squid or baby octopus.

a closer look at the unique profile of the jig

The massive eyes reminded us of squid eyes and glow in the dark and the jigs come armed with owner stinger hooks, which are basically shorter versions of the ones used on the Butterfly Jigs.

The underside shows the unique hydrodynamic design. The slit on the belly is where the hooks are attached from

The hooks blend beautifully into the skirts and can actually be changed out through the top of the jig. The actual body of the jigs is painted with a thick layer of paint, and the details look fantastic. The same can be said about the skirts which sport matching silicon and elongated glow in the dark appendages.

The Lucanus Jigs will be available in a range of sizes and patterns

The Lucanus jigs are designed to target rockfish, but Bantam told us that he has also tried them for other species with success, including bass. The lures are designed to be especially effective for cold water seasons when fish are not normally as active.

The jigs have long appendages that extend beyond the silicon skirt, and each jig features numerous glow in the dark elements

The Lucanus jigs sport areas to tie the jigs on both on top and beneath the lure’s rear section. This allows anglers to rig the Lucanus jig either alone or with another leader tied on the bottom for elevated fishing. With another leader and weight tied below the rig starts to look like an oversized drop shot rig with the Lucanus jigs suspended.

A look at the retail packaging

To fish the Lucanus jig simply drop the jig to the bottom and start winding very slowly to move the jig towards the desired water column, then drop the jig to the bottom again and repeat several times. Bantam told us that takes were different and that it wasn’t necessary to set the hook to hard, as the fish really set themselves when they attack the bait. Simply keep reeling as you feel bites and interestingly because of the shape of the lure and the way that the hooks are positioned in the skirt the lure did not hang up often in Shimano’s tests.

the massive squid like eye glows in the dark

The Lucanus jigs are the main component of the new Lucanus system which includes a brand new rod series dubbed Tescata, which is specifically designed with the right actions for the application. The Tescata jigging rod series will include both casting and spinning sticks. The rods will sport a “unique” hook keeper, but we couldn’t pry any further details on the nature of the design out of Bantam1.

Sharp owner stinger hooks blend into the skirt

There will be roughly 6 casting versions and 4 spinning versions. The rods are also designed to be matched up with a new Calcutta TE reel, the TE400LJV (LJV stands for Lucanus Jig Version). The TE400LJV will feature a Trinidad 16 size handle and 14 size ergonomic septon knob.

On the packaging you can see both rigging styles

At the time of introduction there will be a total of five sizes and 6 colors patterns for each size. Currently retail prices for the new Jigs, CTE400LJV, and Tescata rods have not yet been released.

Bantam1 shows us the exciting new Lucanus Jigs. Stay tuned for more information on the matching Calcutta TE reel and Tescata jigging rods in the new series

By itself the new Lucanus jigs are a exciting new product, and one we honestly can’t wait to fish, but what we really like about this upcoming offering is that it is part of a complete system that includes a paired reel and rod solution. Few companies could pull this off but Shimano has proven that they can both design and introduce new tackle solutions that can effectively alter the very way anglers fish, and from the looks of it the Lucanus system will do exactly that.









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