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Fly Reels Preview

Ross introduces new "Ross Worldwide" brand to offer quality fly tackle at affordable prices


Date: 9/03/07
Tackle type: Fly Reels
Manufacturer: Ross
Reviewer: Zander





Introduction: Ross is an industry leader when it comes to fly reels, and have built up a solid reputation for quality machined aluminum design and service after the sale. While they already offer a wide range of reels the majority of these are considered premium offerings. To address a completely different demographic Ross introduces "Ross Worldwide" a second brand to concentrate on the mainstream and entry level fly market. This new brand is anchored by three new fly reels, but other new products include fly rods, complete outfits, and even a branded pair of machined aluminum pliers. In comparison to the current Ross offerings Ross Worldwide gear is extremely affordable. While more affordably priced every Ross Worldwide product is still designed, engineered and quality checked at the company's facility in Montrose, Colorado USA.  


The FlyStart is a great aluminum beginner reel that retails for only 40-55 dollars


Flystart: Let's begin with the Flystart, a hybrid large arbor fly reel that is constructed out of high quality aluminum alloy but manages a lower cost because it is gravity fed cast aluminum, then machine finished. The Delrin 500P drag system is designed to be smooth, consistent and have a wide range of adjustment. It is electrostatically coated for hardness and color, and features a self a lubricating synthetic drag system that is virtually maintenance free. The spool rotation mechanism on this reel makes use of bronze bushings rotating on a stainless steel spindle. The Ross team was committed to producing an introductory priced fly reel that would perform to the expectations of even the most experienced angler, and the Flystart series is designed for first-time fly fishing participants that demand quality, but do not want to spend a fortune gearing up to fish. The Flystart is available in four sizes and retails for only 40-55 dollars depending on size.


Flystart Model #1 #2 #3 #4
Width (spool): .90" .95" 1.00" 1.10"
Diameter: 3.00" 3.25" 3.50" 3.75"
Weight: 5.2 oz. 5.5 oz. 6.0 oz. 6.6 oz.
Line Weight: 3-5wt. 4-6wt. 5-7wt. 6-8wt.
Capacity: WF4+50 WF5+125 WF6+175 WF7+225
Reel price: $40.00 $45.00 $50.00 $55.00
Spool price: $22.00 $24.00 $26.00 $28.00


The Flycast ups the ante when it comes to drag adjustment, and retails for 25 dollars more than the Flystart


Flycast: Ready to step up from the base model? The Flycast offers anglers a more refined reel for not a whole lot more money. For just twenty five more dollars anglers get a reel with all the same materials as the Flystart but with an upgraded drag interface with an offset gear to gear disc drag that is smooth and offers an infinite range of adjustment. Each reel in this series is designed with a unique diameter and width to maximize the properties of drag consistency and line retrieval. Ross engineers spent considerable time refining this drag design to guarantee a low maintenance, high performance drag system that can hold its own against much more expensive products. The Flycast is a good choice for value minded intermediate fly anglers.  


Flycast Model #1 #2 #3 #4
Width (spool): .90" .95" 1.00" 1.10"
Diameter: 3.00" 3.25" 3.50" 3.75"
Weight: 5.2 oz. 5.6 oz. 6.1 oz. 6.6 oz.
Line Weight: 3-5wt. 4-6wt. 5-7wt. 6-8wt.
Capacity: WF4+50 WF5+125 WF6+175 WF7+225
Reel price: $65.00 $70.00 $75.00 $80.00
Spool price: $34.00 $36.00 $38.00 $40.00


The Flywater actually makes use of the same Delrin drag system as the award winning Ross Gunnison Series, yet retails for only 100 dollars


Flywater: The flagship of the new line is the Flywater, also a hybrid large arbor fly reel that crafted with a more open frame to reduce weight. The Flywater drag system is superior to its more affordable siblings and is actually identical to the system that was used in the company's award winning Gunnison USA series. This is rather impressive considering that the Gunnison sold for more than twice the price of the Flywater series. This Delrin AF to stainless interface utilizes a pull frame friction disc drag system that is  strong, sensitive and dependable. The Flywater is the perfect reel for those anglers who are equally concerned about impeccable drag performance, great aesthetics and rugged durability. Perhaps most impressive of all is that even the largest most expensive model only retails for 105 dollars. The Flywater and all of the reels in the new lineup are available in either Black or Titanium finish. 

Flywater Model #1 #2 #3 #4
Width (spool): .90" .95" 1.00" 1.10"
Diameter: 3.00" 3.25" 3.50" 3.75"
Weight: 4.8 oz. 5.2 oz. 5.6 oz. 6.2 oz.
Line Weight: 3-5wt. 4-6wt. 5-7wt. 6-8wt.
Capacity: WF4+50 WF5+125 WF6+175 WF7+225
Reel price: $90.00 $95.00 $100.00 $105.00
Spool price: $48.00 $52.00 $56.00 $60.00


The Pescador pliers are machined out of aircraft quality aluminum and safe for both fresh and saltwater environments


Pescador Pliers: Also new are a pair of pliers that look so good we are surprised that they are not positioned in the flagship Ross brand. The Pescador pliers are machined from aircraft grade proprietary aluminum stock. Ross chose to use a proprietary aluminum blend to provide greater strength and rigidity, while still providing a beautifully machined finish and vibrant color application. These pliers are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in hand and have ventilated arms for a lightweight feel. The tungsten carbide cutters can slice through virtually all sizes of fishing specific monofilaments, wires and braided lines. The pliers have ample jaw strength to safely remove hooks, tighten knots, crimp sleeves and connect wires. In addition, Ross has incorporated a medium grit, diamond coated sharpening stone into the top of the pliers' jaw for convenient hook sharpening. The pliers are shipped complete with a high quality, custom designed cordura sheath with drain hole and self-coiling safety lanyard. The pliers are priced aggressively for a machined offering and available in two sizes and are anodized so that they can be used for all freshwater and saltwater environments. 

Pescador Pliers Model: #6 #7.5
Weight: 3.9 oz. 6.4 oz.
Cordura Sheath: Included Included
Lanyard: Included Included
Replaceable Jaws: Yes Yes
Replaceable Cutters: Yes Yes
Replaceable Sharpening Stone: Yes Yes
Pliers Package Price: $139.00 $159.00
Pescador Pliers Accessories #6 #7.5
Cordura Sheath: $29.95 $29.95
Lanyard: $14.95 $14.95
Replaceable Jaws: $24.95 $24.95
Replaceable Cutters: $19.95 $19.95
Replaceable Sharpening Stone: $19.95 $19.95


Warranty: While the new Ross Worldwide offerings are more affordable it is nice to know that the company continues to back even these mainstream products up with a quality Lifetime Warranty. Flystart, Flycast and Flywater series reels and spools purchased through an authorized dealer are all covered by the same warranty. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable and is limited to repair or replacement of the reel and spool only, and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. This warranty does not cover misuse, negligence, normal wear, fire, theft, loss or intentional damage. 


Conclusion: The new Ross Worldwide reels look like quality offerings, and while they are aggressively priced still don't deviate from what makes a Ross product so popular. The three new reels are the core of the new offering and can be paired up with new Essence fly rods from Ross. The Essence are available in three rod series, which have been assigned graphite designations of R-1, R-2 and R-3 to highlight design differences. While the fundamentals of each series remains true to the design, a higher numbered R-Value indicates a slightly more progressive action. These rods retail from 99-199 dollars depending on model. To make things even easier and affordable the reels are available in combos already spooled with line, and the company is even offering a number of complete fly fishing outfits with the combination of an Essence rod and a Flystart or Flycast prespooled reel. These even come with Mel Krieger's Beginnings - An Introduction To Fly Fishing DVD that is designed to make learning the sport of fly fishing a fast, easy and fun experience for every level of fly angler. Never before has it been easier to get started fly fishing, and to do it with tackle from a quality brand like Ross for so little investment is even more motivation to start moving those forearms.     









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