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Lure Review

Cranking for bass with the River2Sea jointed V-Crank (continued)

Retrieving: Like many jointed lures the V-Crank has great action when retrieved. The lure produces wobbling movements that you wonít find on standard crankbaits, and as it moves along in the water itíll emit sound from its internal rattling chamber and metal plates between the jointed sections. Out of two lures that we tried, one of them required tuning before it ran straight. After a quick but slight bending of the eyelet where the split ring attaches to the lure, the V-Crank ran like a champ reaching the specified depths using both 10 and 12 pound test monofilament line. What we also found was that the River2Sea V-Crank performs best at slow to medium speeds, producing the best action and wobble. When bumping structure or levee walls as we did in our tests, at times you can put a pause in the retrieve right after knocking on rocks. This will allow the crankbait to slowly float up sometimes driving fish crazy and triggering fearless strikes.


When retrieved the lure wobbles differently than a one-piece crankbait. The two sections are connected via sturdy hardware

Anglers are always wary of the durability when it comes to jointed lures because the two halves slam into each other when retrieved. This is one area where the V-Crank has an advantage over other jointed crankbaits. The River2Sea V-Crank has a metal plate on each body section that functions as a clicker but it also protects the two sections from damage through constant clashes. We trolled this crankbait for our tests to see how durable it is. The only thing we noticed was that because the joining hardware isnít tight in tolerance, itíll allow the metal from the head portion to hit a slight edge of the metal on the opposite section that could damage a tiny portion of the body. But after many trolls and usage we donít see that as being a long term issue. Now how well do the joint, finish, and eyes hold up? Exceptionally well. No damage was experienced after days of fishing around the Delta levee walls, including an encounter with downed tree where we bent the hook getting the lure back yet the joints never gave way.


The Delta Craw is an effective pattern for the California Delta waters. Also notice the details and nice finish on the V-Crank


Effectiveness: Like the Jackall Aragon jointed crankbait that we reviewed last year, we came to the same conclusion with the River2Sea V-Crank. The V-Crank is an effective crankbait but we couldnít see a dramatic advantage over traditional crankbaits with similar actions. The V-Crank like other crankbaits has an interior rattle system, but the River2Sea lure has additional action in movement that will appear different to the fish underwater and emits sounds from the clacking joints that in certain situations might give the V-Crank an edge over others.


Crank this lure with either a slow or medium retrieve to produce good sized bass


River2Sea USA V-Crank Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Top quality and solid construction, the metal plates between the two sections give it a higher degree of durability 9
Performance The crankbait is effective and will catch bass, swims down to its depths, but some of the lures might require tuning for it to run straight 8
Price You get the quality of imported lures with a less expensive price tag 8
Features A complete package here featuring quality layers of paint, sharp Daiichi hooks, and a jointed body with metal plates 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) This lure is designed better than many high-end and imported crankbaits having greater details on the body and more 8
Application This is a good lure for bass fishing in and around structure, reaching a depth between 5 to 7 feet down 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good overall durability L Some requires tuning to run straight
J Jointed section produces a different movement and sound  
J Excellent finish  
J Sharp hooks  
J Import quality with domestic pricing  

Crankbaits, we all use them and they are great at producing fish all year long. There must be hundreds of these lures out there today but differences in design makes some better than others. The River2Sea USA V-Crank, a double jointed crankbait, comes with neat features that make it stand out from the standard cranks. The V-Crank is joined via reliable hardware thatíll keep the two sections together even when pulled hard during a snag. The detail on this River2Sea crankbait is exceptional and include lifelike patterns molded into the lureís body. Not only does this crankbait come in two sections but it features metal plates between both portions that when retrieved, will clash against each other to emit a unique sound, and at the same time protect the lure from damage. Itís great that River2Sea USA can bring us products like the V-Crank that sport import lure detailing and features but at domestic pricing so anglers of all level have the opportunity to put these fine products to use.


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