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Tools Review

Rising releases a tool for Bass anglers, the "Work" pliers (continued)

"Design" continued: Moving further down the Work we come to the crimp ridge. This feature is great for crimping sleeves, split shot, or bull shot. The ridge is a complete half circle (positive and negative) and is great at holding small objects that require crimping. I found it easy to position even somewhat odd sized objects like bull shot between the semi-circle slot.


Performing "surgery" to free a hula grub near the gill array


Directly below the crimp ridge is the much used cutter. We used the cutter to slice through mono, braid, and even light wire. The cutter was very sharp when new and did take on some damage over time (our stress testing in saltwater applications didn’t help). Overall the cutters held up as well as could be expected.


The grips could do with slightly thicker padding

With most pliers that would pretty much sum up all the elements, but the Work has two more notable features. The Work has a nifty 3-click locking end which makes it possible to clamp the tool over items, making it easy to keep the pliers on the hookpoint as fish thrash about during the dehooking process.

The locking back open

Finally the Work does have a hole near the locking end that can be used to put a split ring and lanyard through if you want to tether the pliers to your holster or vest. Sounds simple, but many pliers on the market do not have the ability to attach a cord.


Three notches apply varying pressure when clamped closed


Operation: The Work pliers feel halfway between traditional bass pliers from manufacturers like Rapala and hemostats. When dehooking fish I found the Work pliers to be more precise than most pliers, it actually felt as if I was performing surgery on largemouth. The extra long 8.5” model made it easy to remove treble hooks from fish that consumed jerkbaits. This certainly helped keep fish alive, especially those that hook themselves dangerously close to their gills.


A closeup of the rubber grip

Ergonomics: While the pliers felt extremely precise and easy to use the grips leave a little to be desired when really squeezing down hard. There isn’t much insulation on these grips, and because the pliers are so small in diameter they are not as comfortable as some pliers when twisting hooks away in sharp motions. The grips did however prove to be non slip and still good even when wet.

A hole at the base of the grip allows you to attach a split ring and tether the tool

Durability: Like any good pair of pliers the Work tool is simple, reliable, and durable. You can run over these pliers with a truck and chances are they will be no worse for wear. Over the last year and half the Work’s spring continues to function perfectly, and the only area where there has been any damage are the cutters. Premium pliers now come with the ability to change out the cutters after they have been damaged, but keep in mind pliers like the Ross Pescador cost six times as much as the Work does.


These pliers make saving fish easy for those quick catch and release shots


Price & Applications: The Work pliers are very reasonably priced for a tool that isn’t just another me-too pair of pliers. The 6” model retails for 20 dollars, and the 8.5” model costs only 4 dollars more. Who should be interested in these pliers? While they were primarily designed for bass fishermen I think that Rising has created a crossover tool that will appeal to fly fishermen, or bass anglers that dabble in fly. Because these pliers are so good for precision work they will excel for trout applications and smallmouth where it sometimes is harder to get in there and remove the lure safely. The Work pliers are available on a number of e-tail sites on the web. The easiest place to find them is at the Fly Shop. Both sizes are currently available online.



Rising Work Plier Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The Work pliers are simple and well built. Rising uses quality materials and there is no area that is prone to failure 9
Performance These pliers are not the ultimate bass pliers, but are a nice crossover product for bass anglers that want a tool that will also perform well for other species...especially trout. The longer model is really good at getting into the fish's mouth and safely removing deep hooked lures 8
Price Overall a reasonable price for a quality pair of pliers 8
Features This pair of pliers showcases quite a few features for a tool in this price range. A feature not normally found on other pliers is the useful locking mechanism 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Ergonomically the Work pliers are good for fly fishermen but could use some adjustment for bass anglers. The grips need a little more padding for more comfort when applying torque. This feels like a precision tool more than a heavy pair of pliers 7
Application Not recommended for any salt applications but this pair of pliers will suit freshwater anglers well, especially those that enjoy targeting multiple species 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Not another re-skinned "me too" pair of pliers L Grips could be thicker padded for more comfort when rotating
J Feels very precise, like a cross between pliers and a hemostat  
J Good for bass anglers that also fish for trout  
J Reasonable price  

Conclusion: At first when I started using the Work pliers I found them a bit light for removing jerkbaits from fish like Striped Bass but after time I found applications that the Work actually was superior to traditional pliers. This included tuning baits, and carefully removing hooks from fish…especially those that were deep hooked. The long thin nose makes getting into tight spots easy, and I am positive I have saved many fish a lot of undue stress over the last year by carefully removing hooks and getting them back into the water quickly. The Rising Work isn’t the perfect set of pliers for every bass angler, but it can be a very appealing alternative to those anglers that enjoy pursuing both bass and trout.










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