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Lure Review

Creature Fever : Getting Sweet and Kinky with Reaction Innovations


Date: 9/30/12
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Reaction Innovations
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.17 - EDITOR'S CHOICE!

The defacto standard in trailer type baits for years has been the Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver. This bait is so ubiquitous, the bait category within which it sits is almost named after it. How many times have you heard someone say they were using a "beaver-type" bait? Then, last year Reaction Innovations decided to go all Creature Fever on their popular bait by adding some appendages and dubbing a new interpretation - the Kinky Beaver. Is it as effective as the original? Let's find out!


Reaction Innovations Kinky Beaver Specifications

Sweet Beaver
Kinky Beaver
Type Soft Plastic Trailer ...
Material Soft Plastic ...
Colors/Patterns 48 14
Sizes 3.5" / 4.2" / 5.2" 4.75"
Scent/Plastic Treatment None None
#per Package 10 / 10 / 6 7
Resealable Bag? Yes Yes
MSRP $4.69 / $4.69 / $4.89 $4.69


Impressions: Many have tried to imitate, but few can simulate the unexplainable appeal of Reaction Innovation's Sweet Beaver. With its ribbed body and big, flapping appendages, for whatever reason, this bait just works. Available in too many colors to list (~48 in all) and in Double Wide, Smallie, as well as the original Sweet size, this is the standard by which all other trailer type baits are measured.


The Sweet Beaver was our introduction to the Reaction Innovations product.


The Kinky Beaver shares the same ribbed body as the Sweet Beaver, but with different appendages. Instead of two big flaps, it has two, thin hook tails molded between two swim tapered appendages. For now, it is available in 14 colors.

Given our 2012 Creature Fever theme, we felt it was time for a closer look.

Field Tests: Our real world tests were conducted on our home waters of Clear Lake and the California Delta and rigged on a countless number of combos but mostly using braided line.

These big flaps are where the Beaver gets its name.

Rigging: Fishing the Sweet or Kinky Beaver in standard, Texas configuration we've been using mostly 4/0 style punch hooks by Paycheck Baits. You can even get away with a 3/0. For the Double Wide Beaver, moving up to a 5/0 worked best for us and while we've yet to fish the Smallie Beaver in this style, we'd suggest a hook like Gamakatsu's Finesse Heavy Cover in 2/0.

They come connected out of the package but are easily split if you want a more dynamic action from your bait.

Application: We classify Reaction Innovations' Beaver baits as trailers, but realistically, their utility does not end there. Like any other soft plastic, you can use them a number of different ways independent of jigs from flipping and punching to even drop shotting with the Smallie Beaver. Their appeal seems to be in the extension they deliver in up and down hopping kind of movements. The Beaver's big tail flaps really kick when fished in this manner and are very effective in triggering strikes.

A size comparison between all four variations of the "Beaver".

The Kinky Beaver on the other hand, is more subtle in it's up and down, hopping action and is better suited in moving applications so you can take advantage of its more flexible appendages.

The Kinky Beaver is the latest incarnation.

For example, on the back of a swimming or vibrating jig, the middle legs vibrate in a small but quick movement up and down while the outside appendages move more slowly up and down but with a more dynamic cadence. So while these baits share a similar name and main body, they are built for different purposes.

The difference here being the trailing appendages.

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