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Clothing Review

Get a "sure" footing with Redington's top selling Sure Shoe Wading Boot

Date: 4/17/03
Tackle type: Clothing/Wading
Manufacturer: Redington
Reviewer: Buzz

Total Score: 8.41

A good pair of fishing boots is a must for the die hard fishermen. They will be your best friend on a great day, or your worst enemy cursing you with swollen feet and a bad experience. Redington’s new wading shoe offers a new design with durable materials ensuring that these shoes last more than one season. 

Redington Sure Shoes Wading Boot Specifications


Full Grain Leather, mesh uppers

Sole Felt soles, or felt w/ studs
Color Brn, Blk, and Grn
Size 7-14
Fastening Laces
Features Quick Lace system, Heel tab, good year welt.
MSRP Felt Sole $69, Felt with Studs $89.

With the introduction of new hi-tech materials to the fishing industry, manufacturers seem to be constructing boots lighter and more durable than ever before. Unfortunately this usually comes with the trade off of a steep price. My first impression when looking at the Redington Sure Foot boot was its smooth sleek appearance. The use of brown, black, and green, colors give the boot a solid fashion appeal compared to some of the more dull looking boots of the past.


After picking this boot up off the rack I noticed how light it was in comparison to other felt soled boots. If you wear these boots for 10-12 hours at a time the lighter the boot the better. Upon first inspection this boot seemed to be stitched together quite well making it appear to be both light and durable.


Simple yet handsome in design the Sure-Shoe is extremely lightweight

When it comes to features there shouldn’t be to many things that stand out that make you consider one boot over another. The main things an angler looks for in a boot are comfort, durability, and price.  Quite simply ask yourself, “Will this boot keep me dry and comfortable?”

However, we do realize that some are obsessed with paying attention to all the little details, and for those Redington’s boot does have something for you.

  1. Quick Lace system

  2. Full grain leather and ballistic-mesh uppers

  3. Heel tab for easy in/out access

  4. Option of felt only soles or studded soles

  5. Holes for easy drainage

  6. Padded Sole

  7. A padded tongue to keep stones out

For some these features might be obsolete, while for others they may be the decision makers.  In either case probably the most notable feature worth mentioning is the padded soles. The stiff padded soles provide a layer of cushion and act as a shock absorber as you hop from rock to rock. These boots help take some of the stress off your ankle and joints.

The Sure-Shoe features high quality full grain leather and ballistic-mesh uppers


Comfort: A boot is most notably measures by how comfortable it is on the angler’s foot. In this department I think the boot needs a bit more additional padding. After trying these boots on it seemed that they were too wide for my feet. After walking around and putting a thicker pair of socks on they still seemed a little awkward and clumsy to walk in. Most notably they just seemed to be made a little too wide for what is required. There also seemed to be a lack of taper in the boot that follows the natural curvature of the foot. However, Comfort is measured in the eyes of the beholder, and every individual angler will have his/her own level of comfort so the only way to determine if these are a good fit for you is to try them on.


The Sure-Shoe has a padded tongue to keep rocks out


Soles: These boots come in both studded soles and all felt soles. In determining which will be better for you, it will be important to assess the type of fishing you do. If you primarily wade fish, especially in areas of large boulders and rocks, the studded soles work well to grip the large boulders. However, they are not a good choice for drift boat fishing because they tear up the bottom, so if you plan on fishing with a guide or out of a boat of your own go for the felt soles. Redington’s new Goodyear welt design has these soles stitched in a way that they just about indestructible.


Protection: Protection is offered through a tough barrier through the thickness of the boot, and they level of support provided in the ankle.  The sides, bottom, and toe of the boot is very tough and protects the sensitive areas of the foot well.  If there is any weakness it will be noticed in the ankle where mesh just can’t protect your foot as well as top grade leather. Redington could have made these boots extend a little higher up the ankle giving it more support, without adding much weight to the overall boot.


When you hook up the last thing you want to do is slip and lose tension on your fish, the Sure-Shoe will make sure you always have a good footing


Durability: The durability of the Sure-Shoe is its most notable features.  Somehow Redington found a way to construct a lightweight boot without sacrificing durability.  With all the new innovations, FULL-GRAIN leather just seems to be the best material for fishing boots and until something proven comes out it is likely to be the material of choice for all boot manufacturers.


Being able to chase your fish downstream with confidence can make the difference in landing that trophy fish or losing it


Price: The MSRP of these boots is $69 for the all felt soles, and $89 for the studded soles. Not a bad deal if you consider that Simms and Patagonia make similar products $109 to$139. Avid anglers will argue that they might be more comfortable, but for the angler fishing on a budget these boots will definitely do the job for your feet and your pocketbook.



Redington  Sure Shoes Wading Boot Ratings (?/10)


Full grain leather, the choice material for wading boots.

Performance Good drainage and good gripping with felt soles. 9

For the materials used, there should be no complaints about the price here.

Features Most of the features you could expect in a wading shoe. Heel tab, quick lace, and padded tongue. 8
Design (Ergonomics) Some concerning issues with the width of the boot, modest foot taper, and the lack of ankle support. 7.5
Application Good for all around wading and use in boats. 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Price L May be wide for some
J Durability is good L Ankle support 
J Lightweight  
J Good overall value  

nclusion: Picking a boot is not a rocket science.  Is it comfortable?  Will it keep you dry? Will it last?  If you can answer yes to these 3 questions you probably have a winner. Redington’s sure foot boots offers a shoe that beats most competitors’ prices even in using high grade materials. Since the measure of comfort is determined by the user, I’m confident that if these boots fit you well you will be hard-pressed to find a better all around value. Try these on and the chances are that if they lead you comfortably out of the store, you will be satisfied on the water.


Tight Lines...Buzz.









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