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Lure Review

Standing up to be noticed, The River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie


Date: 6/21/05
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: River2Sea
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score:

Introduction: One of the products that caught our attention at this past year's sport and tackle shows was a product by River2Sea called the Stand'n Yabbie. It's a soft plastic crawdad imitation bait that stands at an intriguing and pronounced defensive posture when at rest underwater and on the bottom. We quickly picked up several bags of these creations to see just how effective they might be.

River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie Specifications

Type Soft Plastic Craw Imitator
Size 2"(~1/4oz), 3"(7/16oz) & 4"(7/8oz)
Colors / Patterns Approximately 14 Colors
Number per Bag Five to Four
MSRP $5.99

Impressions: River2Sea continues to impress with quality offerings throughout their lineup. The Stand'n Yabbie is no exception and comes complete with such realistic features as the protruding eyeballs and swimming scillia of a crawdad. Available now in approximately 14 different colors and three different sizes, the decision making process of where to start can be a little daunting.


The River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie complete with realistic eyeballs


We found each bait in the package comes fully rigged and ready to fish complete with custom molded jigheads that feature amazingly sharp hooks. These jigheads are molded in such a way as to provide a platform for the bait to rest on and help promote the lure's defensive posture in the water.

The tail section of the River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie. Note the realistic scillia under the tail section.

The Field Tests: We took the Stand'n Yabbie out for tests in some of the clear water reservoirs of Northern California as well as the California Delta. To cover this wide range of fishing waters, we fished the Yabbie on two different rigs: one spinning, the other casting.


Complete test rig for River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie Field Tests

Rig One Rig Two
Rod G.Loomis BCR893 GLX Custom Rogue P703
Reel Daiwa Alphas Daiwa Certate 2000
Line 10 lb Yozuri Hybrid 8 lb Yozuri Hybrid

For the California Delta, we chose our G.Loomis BCR893 GLX rod paired with a Daiwa Alphas reel and spooled with 10lb Yozuri Hybrid. For our reservoir fishing, we pulled out a custom Rogue spinning rod built on a P703 blank by George Roth of George's Custom Rods. We paired this stick with our Daiwa Certate which was spooled with 8lb Yozuri Hybrid.

The Stand'n Yabbie sinks at a near neutral buoyancy with everything from the tail to the claws laying almost perfectly horizontal


Casting/Pitching: The Stand'n Yabbie casts and pitches as well as jig or jighead rigged plastic. We ran into absolutely no difficulties whatsoever hitting our targets with this pre-rigged lure. The Stand'n Yabbie 50 at 2 inches and slightly under 1/4 of an ounce is much easier to work with spinning gear than casting however even given it's rather standard weight. This could be due to it's very small size.


The River2Sea Stand'n Yabbie in full action resting on the bottom

Presentation: All the action for this lure is built right into the plastic mold and custom jig head. The jighead is configured and weighted such that it provides an exaggerated stand up position. This paired with actual air bubbles molded into the claws of the Yabbie give the bait an extreme defensive posture that bass just seem to annihilate. What's also interesting is the overall buoyancy of this bait as it sinks through the water column. The bait is weighted and balanced such that it stays nearly horizontal throughout each slackline descent. This provides another rather lifelike action to the lure. Once the bait is at rest on the bottom, any movement of the line or soft current in the water sends the claws swaying back and forth ever so enticingly.


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