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Rod & Reel Combo Review

A rod & reel combo that is beyond ultralight?!?

Date: 5/19/01
Tackle type: Rod & Reel Combo
Manufacturer: Quantum 
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 7.92

Introduction: In today's world fishermen has the opportunity to choose from not just different manufacturers, but also what rod and reel would perform best together as one.  Quantum has created a decent combination in the ultralight... wait, Super-Ultralight arena for the serious anglers who seek the thrills of finesse fishing at a good value.


Quantum XLSP1000 Specifications

Rod: XL462SUL

Material High-Modulus Graphite
Length 4'6"
Colors Charcoal Silver
Action Super Ultralight
Recommended Line 1-4lb.
Lure Handling wt. Range 1/64-1/8oz.

Reel: XL00S2

Line Capacity 2/120; 4/80; 6/55
Gear Ratio 5.2:1
Weight 5.0oz.
Bearings 2
MSRP $35.95

Impressions: The Quantum XLSP1000 combo consists of the XL462SUL rod and XL00S2 spinning reel.  The rod is only four feet and six inches in length constructed out of high-modulus graphite, genuine Fuji reel seat, and a cork handle.  The 5.0 ounce reel, when attached to the rod, makes a perfect couple in appearance, but we will see if they perform just as nice.


The combo comes with everything you see here


When I first held this combo I thought I wouldn't be able to cast with such a small rod and reel because it barely fit in my hand.  But I knew that if I did not give the XLSP1000 a chance I would not know how it performs and feels.

Test #1: It was about three weeks after the Crowley Lake opener in the Eastern Sierras.  My friend kept on telling me how great it was to battle those hard hitting trout from a float tube with ultralight tackle.  "Those fish are monsters!  They hit your lure so hard, jump, jump, and jump again and will never tire out.  You better get ready for this trip!" he advised me.


"Quantum Xtralite redefines the ultralight tackle category... this is Super-ultralight.  And it's the standard by which all ultralights are measured", states the maker of the XLSP1000.  Quantum says that other ultralight tackle are based on their standard which pretty much says that they think they have one of the best ultralight gear around.  Well, I had to give this super-ultralight combo a try since I do love fighting trout that has an endless supply of fight-power.  


I spent three days at Crowley Lake fishing from my float tube using the Quantum ultralight outfit.  At first the 4'6" rod and tiny reel made it difficult to cast a 1/12 ounce Kastmaster on Trilene XL monofilament 4lb. test line, but soon I was able to perfect my casting techniques and started catching fish.  The very first hookup that morning at McGee Bay was a 17 incher that scared the hell out of me.  I have never caught such a large fish on such light gear.  Since the XLSP1000 is considered a Super-Ultralight combination I felt only fish at the other end of the line.  I held my rod up high and let the rod and reel do it's job.  The XL00S2, which only consists on two bearings was exceptional.  The drag functioned well for not being a premium high-end reel.  I was so surprised on how well the drag worked when I fought that big fish.  At the price for the combo I didn't expect much, but now that has changed.  The reason why I was able to land that big rainbow trout came in play of not just the flexible ultralight rod, it's also the reel that kept the fish from snapping the line and swimming away with my lure in it's mouth. 

The Quantum XL00S2 features a good construction and an exceptional drag for the price



Test #2: The next test was not another struggle with monster trout, but it was a backpacking trip to Grant Lake in Yosemite National Park.  I loaded my backpack and the final weight of the bag was 40lbs!  There was no way I was going to carry anymore on my back if I didn't need to.  That is where the Quantum Super-Ultralight XLSP1000 came into play.  The reel being only 5.0 ounces and the short rod almost weightless, I was able to bring that combo along.  When the parts are broken down - the rod in two pieces and the reel alone, I was able to place the rod without any protection with the tent poles in it's holder on the side of my pack, and the reel inside with the rest of my necessities.  Once again I was able to use this rod and reel combination in the backcountry with ease casting Kalin's Trout Tube mini jigs on Trilene XL 2lb. test line.


JIP's brother Jimmy doesn't even work up a sweat field testing the ultralight combo in Yosemite 


Gripes: By reading the tests above you can tell what are some of the good points, but now I will share with you some things that I didn't like.  Sometimes when I cast hard the bail would snap right back stopping the fishing line, which is in full forward momentum, causing the lure to fling right back at me.  Zander tried casting with this combo and on his second or third cast that happened to him also.  The Kastmaster flew back at him hooking him on the leg; luckily no damages.


Even though the combination of the XL462SUL and the XL00S2 performed well, I think the rod could use a few more inches(6" more) to make it a perfect match.  A slightly longer rod would make casting and fighting fish much better, but that is just something I would like to see in Quantum's future combos.



Quantum XLSP1000 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Good material overall if you consider the price.  The material on the reel could be better, but like I said, for the amount you pay for it, it's worth it 8
Performance The drag on the reel is good for one of Quantum's low end reels.  If the bail snaps back many times while casting (which does not) this can really degrade the performance.  The rod has good flexibility and strength for such a short piece 8.5
Price This is not an expensive rod.  Fair price for a decent combo 8
Features The rod and the reel, that is all it comes with 7
Design (Ergonomics) Super-Ultralight rod and reel combo, but still has a large enough cork handle for an adult size hand 8
Application A definite carry where ever you like combo that gets the job done.   But the rod could be a little longer to better things 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Good match(rod & reel) L Bail sometimes snap back
J Good for light lures L Rod could be longer
J Carry anywhere  
J Super-Ultralight  

Conclusion: When anglers are looking for something that is decent in quality but do not want to empty their pockets Quantum products are a good choice. Quantum would be a brand that is not considered premium by all anglers but provides good quality fishing products that are aggressively priced.  The Quantum XLSP1000 is an outrageously small but good combination of rod and reel that is in a whole new category, the Super-Ultralight.  This combo is light but durable enough to muscle big fish in the wild.

Have fun and keep on fishin!









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