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Line Review


Three Way Premium Braided Line Showdown (continued)

Field Tests: Without the advent of lab tests to jump start our review process, we've relied upon extended field tests with each line in order to draw our conclusions. Each line has been through its own unique testing regimen with the one commonality being each has been fished for six months or more through varying conditions.

We tested Toray's BAWO Super Finesse Braid at several locations including El Novillo Lake in Mexico.

Toray Super Braid: The Toray Super Braid casts and handles extremely well, perhaps better than any braid I had handled up to that point. I was really surprised at the suppleness of this superline. If you’ve fished Power Pro, you know that line has a bit of stiffness to it out of the box due to the coating that’s deposited on the line to try and give the line some color. Sufix Performance Braid in the original green is almost as soft, but the Toray Super Braid is softer and thinner.

The Ito Monoblock still spooled with 55lb test Toray Super Braid but mounted on a prototype Phenix Frogging stick.

After a few months of use with the thirty pound, I did run into some issues. Because the line is so soft and supple, I began to get wind knots in my line. Moreover, once these windknots started to appear, I started getting inexplicable break offs both in casting crankbaits and setting the hook. The last straw was when I lost a nice five pounder on a brand new Lucky Craft BDS3 at Clear Lake, California. I took my Conquest 51 spooled with the thirty pound (30lb) Toray Super Braid off my Lucky Craft 701MF and used another reel instead.

This combo worked well for frogging!

I’ve had no such issues with the fifty five pound test and am at the point where if I’m using this line, I’m too scared to use anything lower than fifty five pound test for fear of break offs. I’ve used the heavier rated line for tossing frogs with my Ito Monoblock and Metanium MG DC and really like it for this application.

A Skeet Reese Revo spooled with Toray Super Braid ready for some Clear Lake bottom contact fishing duties.

One complaint I’ve always had with braided lines is the ease by which the finish on these products falls off the line and stains your boat, reels, and rods. Unfortunately, the Toray Super Braid is not immune to this occurrence nor really is any product using the spectra fibers since it is inherently impossible to bond a color steadfast to this material without weakening it. The result? Your reels may never look new again after using this product for an extended period of time. It took me a good hour or two with a package of Q-Tips to try and get all the green dye off my Ito Monoblock after several month’s worth of use with this line.

We like Toray's eight carrier superline, but prefer not to fish it below 55lb test.

Aside from the afore mentioned issues with the thirty pound (30lb) product, knot strength with the Toray Super Braid has never been an issue nor has abrasion. I was tossing frogs into some pretty sticky cover and alongside dock pilings and the Toray braid held up really well, however, I did not do any punching with this line.

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