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Lure Review

Predator Research Laboratories draws on hydrodynamics to build their newest Shrimp lures


Date: 5/14/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Predator Labs
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.00

 After three years of development PR Labs introduces its newly finished Shrimp lures which make use of patent pending “Interflow” design. This system uses aqua-dynamics to recreate prey like characteristics. When retrieved these shrimp lures don’t rely on rattlers or dynamic movement to lure in predators, and instead makes use of water forced through it’s manifolds.


Predator Labs Shrimp Specifications

Type Wood carved crank
Size Two sizes (7cm and 9cm)
Colors/Patterns 15+ available
Weight .4 oz for 7cm
MSRP $12.90 (7cm), $13.90 (9cm)

Predator Labs was established in November 2001 and is an up and coming tackle manufacturer based in Singapore. Similar to the ultra custom lure manufacturers all of PR-Lab’s solutions all bear a handmade look and feel.


The Predator Lab's Shrimp


They focus on R&D and technology and over the last few years have been studying how predators utilize their senses to detect prey and researching on how they can replicate the displayed prey-like characteristics with artificial lures. Their R&D efforts have resulted in enhanced realism in their lures, some of which bear patent-pending InterFlow technology.


The Shrimp is a wooden bait with a unique patent pending design 


The company has three main lures offerings at the current time, the Shrimp Crank, the Psychobass popper, and the Evolution big game popper. Perhaps most interesting are the company’s unique shrimp lures.


Each lure comes packaged in a cylindrical tube


So why a shrimp? PR-Labs states “Shrimps, form the most widely consumed and important protein supplement for many types of fish. The shrimp with its universal appeal, feeds almost every kind of fish and sea creature. Hence, a lure in the shape of a shrimp would be a natural in any aquatic environment.”


The "Redhead" finish displays the company's painting capabilities


Prior to the introduction of their newly finished lure we had been testing the original version, and while we like the shape of the lure we felt the finish left a little something to be desired. New for 2007 are a range of new colors and patterns. The new Radiation series features a finish that reminds me of the premium Japanese lures, only the entire lure glows in the dark.


Water comes in the front of the lure and jets out the head


Real World Test: While the Shrimp can be used on a wide variety of species we were primarily interested to see if our local freshwater largemouth and striped bass would have any interest in this different looking lure. We fished the lure in local lakes as well as the mouth of the Delta.


The lure makes use of trebles


Casting: Even though the PRL Shrimp is not weighted each lure weighs .4oz. This makes the lures cast relatively easy on both spinning and casting setups. The lure weighs more in the back of the lure due to the design of the shrimps head. This also helps the lure cast accurately.


The lip on the front of the lure is responsible for giving the lure some action


The lures could have a greater casting distance if there was some sort of weight shifting system inside the center of the lure, this would of course affect action as well however.


A largemouth falls for the glow orange pattern on a slow retrieve


Next Section: Time to see how this Shrimp moves 









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