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Rod Review


Power Tackle's "The One" for Big Baits : 4.5XXH


Date: 9/8/21
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Power Tackle
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.08 - GREAT

Following on our successful experience with Power Tackle's The One 04MH, we wanted to dive just a little deeper into the manufacturer's latest series and sample a stick within the same lineup with ratings that appear a little more appropriate to my latest obsession - big baits. I am talking about Power Tackle's The One 4.5XXHM, a stick available in three different lengths (7'6", 7'8", 7'10") and rated up to five ounces (5oz) lure weight.


Power Tackle The One 4.5XXHM Specifications

Material Proprietary blank developed in association with Fuji
Length 7'-8"
Line Wt. 20-65lb
Lure Wt. 3/4-5oz
Pieces One
Guides 11+Tip (Recoil Black Nickel)
Rear Handle Length 14 (custom ordered)
Power Rating 2X-tra Heavy
Taper Moderate
Rod Weight 5.5oz
Origin Made in USA
MSRP $399

Given our positive experience with the 04MH, we decided to take the 4.5XXHM out for a spin as well

Impressions: I mentioned briefly, in our write up of the 04MH how Power Tackle builds the sticks in their The One series to order because with each model comes different options for the reel seat, placement of hook keeper, and length. My primary intent for this stick was to serve as a rod for big baits, so I called the owners, Judy and Tim to discuss build options for this stick and to ensure the one specification that, for me, separates a big bait stick from a flipping/punching rod leans the way I needed it - the critical measurement from the back of the reel seat to the butt end of the rod. The description of this stick on its ordering page suggests the two shorter lengths are suitable for flipping while the longest length, 7'-10", is good for swimbaits and A-rigs. However, there's no discussion of that rear handle length nor is there an option to specify your preference.


Only I had to custom order a longer handle length for my intended application


A quick call confirmed my suspicion that the default length for this part of the rod was around twelve inches (12"), suitable for flipping, pitching, and punching, but too short for big baits. Additionally, I was interested in the middle length, 7'-8", not the length suggested on their site for my application. After a brief discussion, Judy and Tim affirmed they could easily accommodate my request to make the rear handle length on the 7'-8" build fourteen inches (14") giving me just enough leverage for a two handed cast with baits up to five ounces. We ironed out the rest of the details and firmed up my order.

Paired with my 13 Fishing Concept Z Slide and ready to go

Real World Tests: My 4.5XXHM arrived about two and a half weeks after we firmed up all the details. Once it arrived, it was time to decide on which reel would get first dibs stick. Seeing it's kind of all grey motif, there was only one choice, my newly arrived 13 Fishing Concept Z Slide spooled with 50lb Yo-Zuri Superbraid in blue, finished with a top shot of 20lb Sunline Super Natural.

As if the two were made for each other

The Concept Z is not the size of reel I'd normally rely upon for big bait duties, but given its deep spool, it actually has better than average line capacity. Throw in the fact I spooled it with braid and installed a mono leader, and I had more than enough line on the reel. Lastly, the 4.5XXHM is only rated up to five ounces in lure weight anyway, so it's not as if I needed this reel to support throwing anything over seven or eight inches in length.

Power Tackle uses the latest Fuji reel seat for a comfortable base

Casting: Intended purposes aside, I did test the 4.5XXHM's casting range with a half ounce sized, Z-Man Evergreen Jack Hammer tipped with a Reaction Innovations Spicy Beaver and can confirm the lower end of this rod's lure rating is accurate. Towards the top end of the rod's lure rating, I tested the 4.5XXHM with a Mattlures Magnum Strong Gill (weighed at 4.1oz) and it handled that bait flawlessly.

Grips are a carbon weave made by CFX

In the middle of all of those two baits may be this stick's sweet spot both in terms of lure weight, but also lure type. I fished this stick with the seven inch, two and a half ounce (7", 2.5oz), 3-piece PB Rat and really liked this sticks ability to launch the bait and work it. The overall light weight of this stick makes it easy to keep that tip up while working wake baits like the PB Rat and of course, lowering the tip towards the water so you can crank is easy too.

The "mystery" blank is by Fuji America

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