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Storage Review


The Plano Z-Series Wrap is a Mixed Bag


Date: 12/6/18
Tackle type: Storage
Manufacturer: Plano
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 6.91 - FAIR

Introduction: Bait storage, especially swimbait storage, can be a challenge. Wraps are a good solution for hard to store baits because of their ability to stow lures of varying shapes and sizes. Plano, a leader in tackle storage, has introduced a variety of new offerings in their Z-Series which makes use of quality materials and are made even more attractive with Kryptek patterns. These Z-Series offerings include tackle bags, backpacks, and a new wrap which is designed to offer speedy access to a wide range of baits.


Plano Z-Raid Wrap Specifications

Material TPE-Coasted waterproof fabric, nylon, plastic
Colors/Patterns One - Kryptek Raid, Blue
Dimensions Six 6" x 14.75" pockets. Overall dimensions 43.25" x .25" x 16"
Capacity Varies, 6 flexible compartments
MSRP $13.49


Impressions: As most swimbait anglers know getting bit by the big bait bug can be dangerous to both your tackle storage and bank account. These lures take up so much room, and with the cost of some of the premium baits adding up to hundreds of dollars anglers need a storage method that can protect their investment. Due to the large length of many of these baits transporting them in traditional boxes can be a challenge. Bait wraps on the other hand are a natural fit as they offer a flexible storage option that can accommodate a variety of bait types.

Probably the best looking bait wrap on the market, the Plano Z-Raid Wrap with Kryptek camo


Plano is considered by most anglers to be the leader in tackle storage, and their hard storage boxes pretty much created the standard form factors that anglers base both their entire portable and boat storage systems on. Look in most angler's garages and you are likely to find a tower of Plano 3600 or 3700 size boxes. The company also offers a wide range of bag types and the Z-Series bags are some of their newest offerings. 


This wrap features size large pockets and can be rolled up much life a chef's knife wrap


I personally really like the way the new Plano Z-Raid wrap looks, and is a welcome departure from most wraps that seem to focus solely on function, and seem to ignore styling completely. While this wrap is certainly capable of stowing a variety of bait types the fact that they are able to handle such large baits with the cavernous 14.75" wide pocket makes them an interesting option for medium to large sized swimbaits.


This wrap features mesh on the outside layer enabling bait's to dry quickly


Real World Tests: I purchased two Plano Z-Raid wraps from Tackle Warehouse and loaded them up with a variety of baits, but focused my attention on swimbaits as there are so many other storage options that can accommodate baits such as plastics or smaller hardbaits, and the wrap was one of the few that is capable of holding six or more large swimbaits. Over the course of the last nine months I utilized the Z-Raid wrap for both storing and transporting my swimbaits from one boat to another, as well as transitioning between fishing on the shore and on bass boats.


Velcro running through the entire wrap enables anglers to roll up baits of varying diameters


Operation: Without a doubt the Plano Z-Series wrap is one of the most attractive wraps available on the market and I appreciate that the company took extra time to create a product that looks higher end, as well as part of a family of products.


Once I started using the wrap I also began to appreciate just how easy it was to roll and unroll the wrap, the Velcro lined along the entire back of the wrap provides plenty of security without ever feeling like you are fighting it when unrolling the wrap.


You can even arrange your baits so that the lure you plan on using the most is first and can remove it simply by unrolling the first pocket.


Clear pockets enable quick and easy bait identification


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