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Tackle Storage Review

The hybrid Plano FlipSider effectively blends both soft and hard tackle storage systems together (continued)

Storage: So just what is “FlipSider” design? FlipSider tackle storage makes use of a series of individual holsters for hardbaits and spinnerbaits and the design is sued not only on this bag but also in some of Plano’s newer utility boxes (identified with green latches.) These compartments provide easy flip up access and provide all round better protection for individual lures, this is especially true in the case of baits with multiple treble hooks.


The compartments are ideal for protecting expensive lures

Anglers that invest in premium baits like Lucky Craft and Megabass often find the lures receive more damage from contact with other lures during transport than during actual fishing. The FlipSider system is designed to provide more protection for individual lures, while making it easier and quicker to locate the right lure in the field.


Flexibility is the name of the game. The compartments were just as good for holding jigs and spinners

In the case of the FlipSider bag the “FlipSider” system has been integrated into the bag itself, and the Duraview window makes it possible to view your lures from the outside, making it faster than ever to make your selection. Once you open the window the trays hinge outwards and you are free to draw your weapon of choice. We found the system excellent for a wide range of hardbaits including cranks, traps, jerkbaits, jigs, and even oversized spinnerbaits. When it comes to ease of use Plano hit a home run.

The window is held with robust multi-pressure point hinges

The bag is designed to accommodate a good amount of tackle in its configurable main compartment system as well. As the Plano utility box family grows bags like the FlipSider further expand their usability range in different applications. The bag comes with three basic 3700 ProLatch utility boxes, which can be configured for just about any bass lure. The compartment is sized so that any of the company’s more application specific ProLatch boxes will also fit.

The top of the bag features a zip up main compartment

When the main compartment is fully loaded we still had some room on top in which we could stow clothing items like an extra hat, or a windbreaker. The bag has three other additional side and back pockets as well. These pockets are sleek and don’t expand all that much when zipped up, but we were pleasantly surprised how much we could actually cram into them.


The main compartment holds three 3700 utility boxes (included)

The rear pocket is perfect for two rows of plastics, and I was able to shove in 18 bags of Yamamoto Senkos, Kreatures, and Hulas before I started having trouble sipping up the pocket. The side pockets are good for tools and terminal tackle. Plano has cleverly added extendable mesh in these pockets so that when you open the pockets they hinge outwards allowing you to reach into the cavity, but none of your tackle will accidentally come rolling out. As an added shield against the elements all of the zippers are self sealing and waterproof. In our stress tests we blasted the bag with simulated boat spray and while the surface of the bag absorbed water the main compartments remained free of excess moisture.


I love the ability to simply use boxes I already use in my boat

Overall storage capacity of this bag is quite good, but it cannot hold as much as some of Plano’s completely soft guide bags. This is the tradeoff for the integrated FlipSider compartment.

The wide opening makes it easy to stow the boxes

Ergonomics: When it comes to ergonomics we look at two main things, how easy is it to use the bag’s features, and secondly how comfortable is it to carry the bag. When it comes to ease of use the FlipSider is a no-brainer. This bag is straightforward to use, and is much faster than just about any bag or box out there when it comes to drawing your desired bait. Other then a minor gripe about total capacity the bag will suit the needs of freshwater anglers very well.

The large rear pocket is ideal for plastics

When fully loaded with your tackle this bag like all others will become rather heavy. I’ve often been amazed how much I can cram into a 3700 box, and if you go crazy with terminal tackle you can quickly load yourself to the point your weight training every time you lug your bag. The FlipSider has an excellent adjustable padded shoulder strap which makes it relatively comfortable to carry the bag at the right height alongside your body for short distances. Because the bag has a rigid bottom it doesn’t feel comfortable carrying this bag for extended distances, where a backpack solution is preferable.

Nice touch... every compartment features high quality waterproof zippers


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