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Storage Review


Plano EDGE - The Freedom to Create Unique Storage Solutions for Every Angler


Date: 7/6/21
Tackle type: Storage
Manufacturer: Plano
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.58 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Introduction: There is no bigger name in the tackle storage industry than Plano, and the company proved that they were still in top form when they introduced the EDGE Series, their most premium tackle boxes to date. Offered in a wide range of configurations these innovative boxes are designed to be both highly adaptable, and extremely robust, for anglers of all types.


Plano Edge Series Boxes Specifications

Material Plastic composite frame, Polycarbonate lid, Steel pin hinges
Colors/Patterns One - Grey Yellow
Dimensions 3600 and 3700 sized boxes available, also uniquely sized boxes for plastics and blades
Capacity Varies, multiple configurable options available to store just about every type of tackle spanning freshwater and saltwater applications
Features FLEX divider system, Reusable WaterWick divider, Waterproof seal with Dri-Loc O-ring seal, Rustrictor rust prevention, One handed latch opening, and EZ-Label system
MSRP $17.99-$49.99 depending on box size and configuration


Impressions: Since the early 1950s Plano has been producing tackle boxes out of molded plastic and the brand is so strong that anglers often refer to plastic boxes as "Plano boxes" regardless of the manufacturer. The company's 3600 and 3700 boxes have spawned an entire industry of storage systems built around the popular dimensions.


Plano's most feature-rich storage boxes to date, the EDGE Series


The brand's storage boxes are known for their performance, customizability, and reasonable prices. Over the years the company continued to introduce new variations of StowAway utility boxes and later added rust-proof protection with their Rustrictor line which is built with 360 degrees of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) to help combat rust and corrosion on everything stored within them. These evolutionary improvements are just part of what helped make Plano a giant in tackle storage.


The EDGE Series boxes are available in familiar sizes including 3700 boxes which will fit seamlessly into existing bag and watercraft lockers


Fast forward to 2019 and the company launched their new EDGE Series, their most feature-rich tackle box design to date. In addition to the use of new high-end materials the EDGE Specialty Series gave anglers an adaptable layout which addressed hard to store lures including plastics, jigs, and the complete range of terminal tackle.


One of the keys to the system is enhanced freedom of configuration. The Master Terminal Box really takes this to the next level


Real World Tests: I purchased all of the EDGE boxes in this review from Tackle Warehouse and have I've been using them as my primary tackle solution for nearly two years. I started with the 3700 STD and Master Terminal Box and was going to review each one of these separately, but over time found that it would make more sense to write about the EDGE Box Series as a whole. While each box has distinct differences, and are among the most application specific storage boxes available, the fundamental design, and what makes these boxes attractive, is similar across the entire series.


The lids on these boxes are crystal clear and impact resistant because they are made of polycarbonate


There are a few boxes within the lineup that I particularly like and cover these in greater detail. As with all tackle storage solutions it was time on the water, and utilizing these boxes across all four seasons, that helped formulate my ultimate opinion on the series. Unlike many other traditional boxes I found myself discovering something new each time I used these boxes, which speaks to just how feature-rich these boxes are. 


All EDGE boxes feature an easy to operate one-handed latch design


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