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Reel Review

Will you Twitch or Slide? Pinnacle’s Vision Slyder Baitcaster


Date: 9/19/10
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Pinnacle
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 7.33 - GOOD

Introduction: Pinnacle introduces a baitcaster that features a second retrieve system, meet the Vision Slyder which is equipped with a “finesse wheel” on the non-handle sideplate. We take a look at this new reel and compare it with the nearest competitor the Daiwa Megaforce which is equipped with a “Twitchin Bar’,” will you choose to twich or slide?


Pinnacle Vision Slyder Specifications

Line Capacity (lb/yds) 12/120
Gear Ratio 7.0:1
Weight 8.1 oz
Bearings 5BB, 1RB
Additional Features Patent Pending Finesse Wheel, external cast control system, machined aluminum spool, precision cut brass gears
MSRP $69.99


Pinnacle's answer to Daiwa's Twitchin Bar reels, the Vision Slyder


Impressions: Depending on what region you live and where you shop for your tackle Pinnacle can be a household name or a company that you may have not heard of. The company's reels are available at some local retailers and online and while not as well known of a brand as some of the other reel manufacturers Pinnacle has recently introduced both more innovative and higher end offerings.


On the non handle side sideplate is a "Finesse Reel"

The Slyder is a new reel that is Pinnacle’s version of Daiwa's Viento and Megaforce reels,  and while it is also designed to pick up line in small increments without the use of the main handle it does so with a sliding wheel on the non handle side plate versus a twitching bar mounted in front of the spool. The thinking behind this design is that it is easier and more natural to pick up line simply by moving your finger forward while palming the reel versus positioning your finger on the center of the spool to press the twitching bar like a button.


The Finesse Wheel can be advanced while palming the reel

Pinnacle positions the Slyder as a mainstream reel offering and prices it at 69 dollars which is ten dollars more than the Daiwa Megaforce. The reel features the same fast 7:1 retrieve ratio as the Daiwa offering as well. While we found the initial Viento rather innovative we have not used the reel that much since the completion of the review. While the twitching bar feature did function well and puts a different spin on plastics fishing there is no doubt that the feature was somewhat gimmicky and as mentioned in the initial review prolonged use caused my thumb to become tired of depressing the twitching bar.


The Slyder casts pretty well thanks to a magnetic cast control system


Thus the question, is there enough demand from consumers for another reel sporting a similar feature? Pinnacle seems to think so, as well as a number of our readers that have written in touting the benefits of having the option to fish plastics a slightly different way with the Viento. It is to these consumers that the Slyder hopes to attract.


The Slyder waits in the lab for a closer examination


Real world tests: To test the Pinnacle Slyder we fished a variety of different baits including plastics which it was designed for as well as some reaction baits including crankbaits and ripbaits just to see how well the reel handled faster moving lures. Our tests were conducted primarily on Clear Lake and Lake Falcon. We paired the reel with a number of different rods including the recently reviewed sticks from Zombie Rods.


Removing the handle and drag star just takes seconds


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