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Reel Preview

Pinnacle launches new baitcasters at ICAST for the 2008 season


Date: 8/29/07
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Pinnacle
Reviewer: Zander





Introduction: It wasn't long ago that we previewed Pinnacle's comprehensive baitcast lineup, and just when you were starting to get to know those reels the company introduces a slew of new more refined offerings for the 2008 season. Pinnacle continues to form the look and feel of their branded offerings with new baitcasters that make use of more bearings in even smaller low profile frames.

The Vision XLT ushers in a new smaller profile design for Pinnacle, one that looks sleeker and more refined


Pinnacle Vision XLT VLP10XLT

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
VLP10XLT 12BB+1RB 6.2:1 8.2 12/120


Vision XLT: the Vision XLT ups the level of refinement found on Pinnacle reels, and also offers anglers an alternative ultra compact to the reels already on the market. This stealthy looking reel is loaded with 13 bearings, an all metal frame and metal gear box, a centrifugal brake system, and a titanium shielded line guide. Drag pressure is supplied courtesy of a multi-stack Trulon drag washer system, which is adjusted via a audible click drag star. The finish of this reel is matte, and Pinnacle calls this a "soft touch finished metal frame." The reel weighs in at 8.2oz and will retail for 145.00.


The Vision XL features slight frame differences and reminds us of a Daiwa offering


Pinnacle Vision VLP10XL

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
VLP10XL 10BB+1RB 6.2:1 8.2 12/120


Vision XL: The Vision XL is positioned beneath the Vision XLT, but we think it is a better looking reel. Though it has bored out sections in the frame it actually weighs exactly the same as the Vision XLT at 8.2oz. To us the Vision XL looks eerily like a Daiwa Sol minus the external cast control system. The XL has everything the XLT has with two less bearings, and will retail for 130.00.    


The Vision X offers much of the same as its two higher end siblings minus the soft touch finished metal frame and a few bearings


Pinnacle Vision X VLP10X

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
VLP10X 8BB+1RB 6.2:1 8.2 12/120


Vision X: Subtract the soft touch metal frame and two more bearings from the Vision XL and you get the Vision X. The Vision X weighs the same as both the Vision XLT and XL, and makes use of a more plain handle shank. Like both its siblings the Vision X features a 6.2:1 gear ratio. The MSRP on the Vision XL is $119.00.  

The Peak GS is a metal framed reel with a high speed 7.0:1 retrieve ratio, a good choice for burning applications including topwater fishing


Pinnacle Peak GS PK10GS

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
PK10GS 9BB+1RB 7.0:1 9.3 12/165


Peak GS: New for this year is the introduction of the Peak series. The Peak GS is Pinnacles new burner 7.0:1 reel designed for high speed applications. The reel makes use of a metal frame and the same centrifugal system that is found in the Vision series. The Peak GS will retail for $130.00.


Looking for a crossover or inshore reel? The Peak ACB makes use of highly corrosion resistant bearings


Pinnacle Peak ACB PK10ACB

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
PK10ACB 7ACB+1RB 6.2:1 9.0 12/165


Peak ACB: Looking for a crossover or inshore baitcaster? The Peak ACB features two less bearings than the GS, but makes use of much more corrosion resistant ACB bearings. The Peak ACB features the same metal frame, centrifugal brake system, titanium shielded line guide, and Trulon drag washer system. Unlike its sibling it features a 6.2:1 ratio to offer a better balance of speed and power for inshore applications. We would have liked to see a deeper spool, or higher capacity on this particular model. The Peak ACB retails for $135.00.


The Sentara II gets redesigned into the same frame as the Peak series


Pinnacle Sentara II ST10

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
ST10 7BB+1RB 6.2:1 9.0 12/165

Sentara II: The Sentara gets redesigned for the 2008 season with a more compact palmable profile. The bearing count hasn't changed nor has the 120 dollar retail price. The reel makes use of a metal frame and gear box, an easy dial centrifugal brake system, unlimited anti-reverse, quick access removable side cover, and the same multi-stack Trulon drag washers found in the other Pinnacle reels. The Sentara II has almost the same identical frame as the Peak reels without some of the porting.


The Pro Series looks like a lot of reel for not a whole lot of money and is available in three models


Pinnacle Pro Baitcast Pro10

Model Bearing Count Gear Ratio Weight (oz) Line Cap
PRO10 9BB+1RB 6.2:1 8.0 12/120


Pro: The Pro series expands upwards for the Inertia series of reels. There are three new reels starting with the Pro 10 which has ten bearings, the Pro 8, and Pro 6 which feature the number of bearings found in their respective names. All three reels make use of a reinforced graphite frame, but the Pro10 also makes use of chrome finished side covers and weighs 8 ounces while the other two weigh 7.8oz. These reels make use of a ten position adjustable magnetic cast control which can be adjusted externally to manage backlashes. The Pro10 retails for $89.99, the Pro8 retails for $74.99, and the Pro6 retails for $69.99.


Conclusion: Pinnacle continues to refine their offering to anglers, and the following reels are the new reels in a total baitcast offering that numbers 18 reels. All of these reels will be available at the end of September. We are most excited about Pinnacles new Vision XLT and XL reels which offer what appears to be a quality reel with a low total weight and a reasonable price point. While many of the Pinnacle reels in the lineup look like quality offerings figuring out the positioning of the lineup is somewhat baffling as many of the reels not only look alike, but are priced so closely together. We can't say how good these reels really are as we haven't put them through the TackleTour wringer, but judging from the new smaller more ergonomic profiles it seems Pinnacle is moving into the right direction with their branded offerings. The hardest part is finding these reels in stores or on e-tail sites. Hopefully these products will find homes on buy pages soon, as more choices is always a good thing for consumers. 









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