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Reel Review

Pflueger’s “Supreme” Baitcast Offering (continued)

Casting cont'd: This system is basically a combination of both a 6 pin centrifugal system and a magnetic braking system. The idea behind the design is that the centrifugal brakes maintain control of the spool during the initial portion of the cast, and the magnetic brake control system is designed to take over at the end. As an added plus the system is now externally adjustable, making it quicker and easier to make on the water changes depending on your bait types.


A closer look at the externally adjustable drag system

The Supreme has a machined, ported, and anodized aluminum spool that performs as good as it looks. The spool starts up quickly and is able to hold 130 yards of 12lb test. In our tests the Supreme’s casting distance was actually right on par with the Pflueger President, and while distance wasn’t any better the control certainly was. Whether it was long casts or short pitches the Supreme is far better at line management than the President. We also found the Supreme better than the President for handling weightless rigged lures including Senkos.

Even the spool tension knob has an audible click

Retrieve: The Supreme’s guts are filled with an aircraft grade aluminum main gear and brass pinion gear. These gears are held together in an aluminum frame and aluminum handle side plate. Pflueger reels also feel slightly different than other reels, and exhibit their own personality on retrieves. The reel feels smooth retrieving mid sized lures, and surprisingly powerful when retrieving deep diving cranks and mid sized swimbaits. The 6.3:1 ratio is good for the complete range of lures and can be used for both hard deep diving hardbaits and soft finesse plastics.

The Pflueger Supreme can be palmed but not as well as some of the newer low profile reels available on the market like the Abu Garcia Revo or Daiwa Sol

The only issue we noticed on retrieves was some spool knock when the reel was cranked quickly when fishing ripbaits. While the spool will move back and forth during hard retrieves and make a small amount of noise it doesn’t affect the performance at all.

The Supreme's maximum casting distance was about the same as the president but control was far better, especially on short casts

During our test we landed everything from mid sized bass to double digit stripers, and through it all the reel’s gearing felt quite refined and utterly powerful. The gear tolerances have improved since the President and there is no real detectable backplay in the handle. The bearings in the handle help make the reel feel even more refined and fluid. Overall the Pflueger Supreme’s retrieve power and feel is up to par with many reels that retail for 25% more, now that is impressive.

pressing the logo button releases the sideplate

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