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Reel Review

Daddy’s Lean and Mean, the Magnesium Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reel


Date: 3/25/11
Tackle type: Reel
Manufacturer: Pflueger
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.75 - BEST VALUE AWARD!

The appropriately named Patriarch is the “daddy” of all other Pflueger reels and displays the highest end materials and overall feature set. This lightweight spinning reel combines magnesium and carbon fiber design into a single package that on paper looks like the company’s best spinning reel yet.


Pflueger Patriarch 9530 Spinning Reel Specifications

Line Capacity (lb/yds) 6/150, 8/115, 10/90
Gear Ratio 5.2:1
Weight 6.3 oz.
Bearings 9SS BB + 1RB
Additional Features Magnesium construction, Anti twist titanium line roller, spring loaded line clip, spare aluminum spool, carbon handle, EVA knob, neoprene protective bag
Origin China
MSRP $199.95


The Patriarch is the flagship reel in the Pflueger lineup


Impressions: There are a total of four reels in the Patriarch lineup with the largest being capable of holding 200 yards of 8lb. line. This series is designed to handle everything from Panfish and Bass to hard running Steelhead. The lightest reel weighs in at 5.6oz. while the largest still weighs a very respectable 8.1oz., and perhaps even more impressive is that there is a flat price of $199.99 for all versions. 


The Patriarch makes use of a magnesium body, rotor, and sideplate

Pflueger takes weight reduction very seriously with this reel. Not only does the frame, sideplate, and rotor all feature lightweight magnesium construction but the reel also makes use of carbon fiber in a number of key areas. This carbon is the real thing, not some cheap painted facsimile, but actual carbon based material. It is used in both the spool and handle and is designed to be extremely solid and durable without the weight of normal aluminum alloy.

The mid sized 9530 weighs only 6.3oz.

It doesn’t end there, the Patriarch is also ported in a number of key areas for further weight reduction. In the lab we compared the ported hybrid carbon and aluminum spool with the spare spool. The ported spool not only looks a lot more aggressive it is also a lot lighter and weighs in at 1.1oz. (which is very light for a spool capable of holding 150 yds. of 6lb. test line.) while the spare spool which features more traditional aluminum construction weighed in at 1.6oz, that’s a half oz. difference on just the spool alone!

The Patriarch is in the lab for a closer look...

In the lab we weighed each component separately and the carbon elements did effectively reduce weight versus a traditional aluminum design. I hoped that these carbon elements would perform equally as good as they looked when it came to actual fishing in the field. 

...we start with the spool which is a work of art in itself

Real World Test: To test the Patriarch I wanted to wait until we got into our WTF (What The Finesse) coverage for 2011 so I could compare the reel alongside many of the other spinning reels in terms of performance and overall feel. Though the theme is finesse fishing I also used the reel for working some reaction baits as well just to test the reel in a wider rage of applications.

Inside the spool we can see the spring loaded line clip

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