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Lure Review

Fishing With Chips: The Persuader American E-Chip Spinnerbait (continued)

Weedlessness: The head on the E-Chip Spinner is not the same as that of the previously reviewed Clacker. This head is more triangular and actually somewhat reminiscent of the heads on the Daiwa Spinnerbait reviewed by Zander earlier this year. This head design comes through the weeds ok, but I liked the way the Clacker's flat head performed better. On the plus side, because this head is more three dimensional, it provides a bit more compact profile than that of the Clacker.


Another look at the E-Chip...

...and the quality metal spacers keeping the blades apart.


Durability: The E-Chip Spinnerbait is built with quality throughout and I ran into no durability issues with this bait. The only natural area of concern is with the skirt, but I've fished Persuader American's Clacker Spinnerbait for three years now with no incident. Nothing in the E-Chip Spinner leads me to believe anything will be different with this bait.


The last blade is supported by a quality bearing swivel

Check out that puppy dog look.... Please, please don't eat me...

Effectiveness: Dragged over rocks, pulled through the weeds, swum around dock pilings, the E-Chip Spinnerbait is an effective fish finding and fish catching tool. Is it any more effective than a spinnerbait without the e-chip factor? I honestly cannot say one way or the other. Considering the cost of this bait is right in line with other quality spinnerbait products, it certainly doesn't cost anything more to give it a try.


Just one of our many E-Chip Spinnerbait fish


Persuader American E-Chip Spinnerbait Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Top end construction and components from Persuader American 9
Performance Does just about everything I expect out of a spinnerbait but nothing extra 8.5
Price Easily affordable and inline with other premium spinnerbait offerings 8
Features There's not much you can do with a spinnerbait, but the E-Chip is a good attempt 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) A solid design though my preference is for a flat head 8.5
Application Versatility is the key with any spinnerbait and this one certainly meets those expectations 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Top end components throughout L Tough to tell if the E-Chip adds any real value or not
J Good Durability
J Easily affordable, especially compared to everything else I've been fishing lately!  
J Lots of good colors to choose from  


Spinnerbait bass! Does it get much better than this?


Conclusion: Well, the E-Chip may or may not have had an effect but it certainly didn't make the fish jump into the boat. Then again, we had little expectation it would. The important thing here is, E-Chip or not, this spinnerbait is a quality build and should provide long lasting performance. There's not much more you can ask of a this or any other product really. With all the swimbaits and jerkbaits I've been throwing of late, the spinnerbait has been a bit of a forgotten bait in my arsenal. Once amongst my favorites, the E-Chip Spinner may well have revived my love for this type of fishing. Tie one on yourself, toss it out, and hold on!











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