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Lure Review

Fishing With Chips: The Persuader American E-Chip Spinnerbait

Date: 6/24/07
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Persuader American
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.5


Introduction: More than two years ago, we reviewed the Persuader American Angling Pro-Assassinator Clacker Spinnerbait, a bait that should have received negative marks for the length of its name alone. Of course it did not and quite the contrary, it remains one of my favorites to this day. Today, we take a look at the latest to hit the store shelves from this same company. Introducing the Persuader American Angling E-Chip Spinnerbait.

Persuader American E-Chip Spinnerbait Specifications

Type Hard Wire Bait
Weight 3/8 & 1/2 Ounce
Colors/Patterns 10 Colors
Skirt Bio-Flex Natural Scales Silicone
Hook Mustad Ultra Point
Additional Features / Options E-Chip Technology, Willow/Willow or Colorado/Willow Blade combinations
MSRP $6.99

Impressions: E-Chip is a technology slowly but surely finding its way into the tackle industry. To date, it is available on salmon lures and even some lipless crankbaits for black bass. I'm sure there are other applications as well. Persuader American Angling now brings this technology to the spinnerbait market by mounting it on the hook shank of their new spinnerbait line. The device consists of a small, sealed tube with a small ball bearing and some ceramic crystals. As the bearing rolls around from end to end, it comes into contact with these crystals and the collision results in small electrical charges sent out into the water. These charges supposedly match those impulses sent out by baitfish when they sense danger. It's a seemingly simple system that reportedly never wears out.


Persuader American brings the E-Chip to Spinnerbaits

Does this mean I can control this bait from my Blackberry?

The Field Tests:
The only trouble with technology like this is it's virtually impossible from a tackle testing perspective to determine the device's true benefit. All we can really do is fish the lure and see how it holds up, and that's exactly what we did. I tied this bait to the end of my twelve pound Sunline Shooter FC spooled on my 2004 TDZ Custom Yellow 103HL paired with my Custom G.Loomis MB843 GLX built by Matt Davis of Otterods and had at it.


Complete test rigs for Persuader American E-Chip Spinnerbait Field Tests

Rod Custom G.Loomis MB843 GLX by Otterods
Reel 2004 TDZ Custom Yellow 103HL
Line 12lb Sunline Shooter FC


Introducing the Persuader American E-Chip Spinnerbait

A close-up of the head design.


Casting: Both of our test baits of the new E-Chip Spinnerbaits were 1/2 ounce, double willow leaf baits. Needless to say, spinnerbaits of this weight range are exceedingly easy to cast and place with pretty much any properly rated baitcasting or spinning setup. With my Custom, spiral wrapped G.Loomis MB843 matched with my Limited Edition Custom TD-Z, the only word I could really use to describe the experience is "sick".


The E-Chip Device...

...on the shank of the Mustad Ultra Point Hook

Retrieve: The E-Chip Spinnerbait is built with stainless steel wires and uses quality components throughout. The blades turn easily in the water and actually give off quite a bit of vibration - enough to feel through your rod as you crank the handle. This is not a trait of all double willow leaf spinners, so it's reassuring whenever I come across this. One way to ensure maximum action with a spinnerbait is to snap your wrist during the retrieve to give he spinnerbait a bit of a kick. You can pause after this kick to let the bait flutter in the water column, and then pick up your retrieve again for maximum effect.

Quality components throughout

This erratic retrieve is especially recommended with the E-Chip design to try and take advantage of that internal bearing as much as possible. With or without the kick in your retrieve, the E-Chip Spinnerbait swims very well in both burning and slow roll speeds, and the blades continue to spin freely at just about any speed.


A close-up look at the head...

...and the quality silicone skirt

Next Section: Weedlessness, and did the chip work for us?









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