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P R O D U C TT P R E V I E W: Reels

Pre-ICAST Sneak Peek at Penn's New Premium Rugged Saltwater Spinning Reels

Date: 6/24/09
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Penn
Reviewer: JIP


Introduction: Penn, one of the most well known brands in saltwater reels is about to give anglers the most rugged, made in USA, saltwater spinning reel to date. the team at Penn gave us a pre-ICAST sneak peek at their new Torque and Conquer spinning reels designed for the harshest of conditions.


Introducing the new premium Penn Torque spinning reel that's 100% sealed and yes it is made right here in the USA


Penn Torque Spinning: Saltwater anglers demanding the best often turn to Penn when it comes down to both performance and reliability when fishing for big game. Penn sought out to create a premium spinning reel worthy of their brand, this premium new reel is Made right here in the USA... meet the new Torque. The Torque spinning reel features a fully machined aluminum body that is completely sealed, preventing any unwanted sand and grit from entering the guts of the reel. Housed inside this water tight frame is 7+1 stainless steel bearings that give this workhorse its smooth feel. Also incorporated into the new Penn Torque spinning reel is their patented Versa-Drag drag system. The oversized HT-100 Versa-Drag gives the spinning reel it's power to slow down or flat out stop big fish with a maximum drag ranging from 38 to 50 pounds of pressure.


Penn Torque Spinning

Frame One-piece aluminum
Gear Ratios G(Gold), B (Black)

TRQS5-G & TRQS5-B  5.9:1

TRQS7-G, TRQS9-G, TRQS7-B, TRQS9-B  5.1:1
Drag Versa-Drag
Bearings 7+1
Line Capacity TRQS5-G & TRQS5-B
Mono: 12lb/340yds, 15lb/300yds, 20lb/210yds
Braid: 20lb/550yds, 30lb/400yds, 50lb/290yds

Mono: 15lb/490yds, 20lb/340yds, 25lb/300yds
Braid: 50lb/470yds, 65lb/390yds, 80lb/340yds

Mono: 20lb/490yds, 25lb/440yds, 30lb/330yds
Braid: 65lb/575yds, 80lb/490yds, 100lb/425yds
Weight TRQS5-G & TRQS5-B 19.9oz
TRQS7-G & TRQS7-B 26.5oz
TRQS9-G & TRQS9-B 28.5oz
Origin Made in USA
MSRP TRQS5-G & TRQS5-B $659.99
TRQS7-G & TRQS7-B $679.99
TRQS9-G & TRQS9-B $699.99


Available in classic Penn gold or the new black with gold accents, the Torque features an integral clutch sleeve to eliminate any back-play in the rotor, a one-piece aluminum frame with forged aluminum spool and sideplates, and a rugged one-piece handle arm. The 100% stainless steel bail features a unique system under the rotor where the angler can choose between automatic or manual trip at the touch of a switch. A dual arm bail-less kit is available for those who prefer the more traditional style. The high capacity spool is "braid ready," which means the reel is built to withstand the potential strains that braided superlines can put on a reel.


The Penn Torque comes in two amazing colors

The 19.9-ounce size 5 reel has a 5.9:1 gear ratio and 38-pound maximum drag.

The size 7 Torque weighs 26.5 ounces with a 5.1:1 gear ratio and 41-pound maximum drag.

The size 9 weighs 28.5 ounces, has a 5.1:1 gear ratio and a 50-pound maximum drag.

The new Penn Torque will be available in three different sizes with two different colors, and will retail for $659.99 to $699.99 depending on size when it ships in December 2009.


Penn's new Conquer spinning reel


Penn Conquer Spinning: In addition to the ultra-premium Torque spinning reel Penn introduces the new "Conquer" spinning reel which is built with all the quality and workmanship the brand has been known for over the past 75 years. Designed for inshore and nearshore species, this reel is built with some unique features that you wouldn't expect a quick  glance.


Penn Conquer Spinning

Frame One-piece aluminum
Gear Ratios 2000  5.1:1

4000  5.8:1

5000/7000  4.8:1

Drag HT-100
Bearings 10+1
Line Capacity 2000
Mono: 6lb/185yds, 8lb/130yds, 10lb/110yds
Braid: 8lb/250yds, 10lb/210yds, 15lb/180yds

Mono: 10lb/210yds, 12lb/180yds, 14lb/160yds
Braid: 10lb/325yds, 15lb/280yds, 20lb/180yds

Mono: 12lb/250yds, 14lb/205yds, 20lb/150yds
Braid: 15lb/350yds, 20lb/250yds, 30lb/200yds

Mono: 14lb/325yds, 17lb/250yds, 20lb/230yds
Braid: 20lb/400yds, 30lb/325yds, 50lb/250yds
Weight 2000 9.9oz
4000 11.1oz
5000 14.6oz
7000 18.1oz
Origin Unknown
MSRP 2000 $199.99
4000 $199.99
5000 $219.99
7000 $219.99


The Conquer introduces proprietary design elements that designed to give anglers the best operating spinning reel in the price range. Exclusive to the Conquer reel is the EAS™ (Easy Access System). A single screw secures a rear hatch that when open provides full access to the gearbox making it easier than ever to service and lubricate gears and bearings. This allows anglers to provide quick maintenance in the field or while travelling, and makes it possible to get back to fishing when you don't necessarily have all the tools to completely break down the reel for service.


Penn's exclusive Easy Access System (EAS) makes it easy for a quick tool-less oil and lube


Also found only on this reel is the spool lip design with Eternal Alloy™ construction, incorporating strength and hardness twice that of titanium alloy. The spool lip is protected from dents, nicks scratches, which are a major cause of decreased casting distances and line damage. Other features of this new reel with patented one-piece machined aluminum gear box include a Superline Spool™ eliminating the need for backing, 10+1 shielded stainless steel bearings, HT-100™ drag washers for smooth drag under heavy loads, Techno-Balanced™ rotor and Leveline oscillation.

The 9.9-ounce CQR2000 has a retrieve ratio of 5.1:1

The CQR4000 weighs 11.1 ounces with a gear ratio of 5.8:1.

The 14.6-ounce CQR5000 and 18.1-ounce 7000 each have a gear ratio of 4.8:1.

The Conquer comes in four sizes and will retail for $199.99 to $219.99 when it becomes available September 2009.

Conclusion: Does Penn have a homerun on their hands? On paper the new spinning reels from Penn certainly look like they have the innovation and performance specifications to win over saltwater anglers. The Torque is for those anglers who demand the very most from a premium spinning reel when fishing in the toughest of conditions. The Conquer is designed to be a quality spinning reel that provides plenty of features and durability without the big price tag normally associated with a reel that incorporates innovative features, and when it comes to useful features it just doesn't get much better than the "Easy Access System" for quick on-the-spot maintenance.










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