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OSPs Transformational Yamato Walking Bait


Date: 10/26/17
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: OSP
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.17 - GREAT

JDM rods and reels are the weapons of choice for many an enthusiast tackle collector. But for every manufacturer of high end rods and reels, there are two or three more that specialize in carefully crafted, highly technical baits. Some of these baits are even more difficult to come by and sometimes, we don't know or even hear about some of the more effective bait products made for other markets. OSP is a manufacturer that has skirted the line of popular mainstream baits, but those who pay attention know about their quality, and sometimes hard to get baits like the Blitz, Rudra, and Asura. Today, we take a look at OSP's entry into our TWB themed week with the dual personality Yamato.


OSP Yamato Specifications

Type Topwater Walking Bait
Length 4 3/4"
Weight 1 oz
Material Hard Plastic
Colors 10
Hooks 3x #4
MSRP $22.29


Introducing OSP's Yamato.


At first glance, the Yamato is a typical, cigar-shaped, topwater walking bait. But upon closer inspection, there's a lot about this bait that will make you scratch your head. First off, it has two line ties.


Then, below the line ties and under the bait's head extends a clear plastic, half ellipse of a fin. Lastly, all of the bait's hook hangar rings are rotated ninety degrees as opposed to being in the same orientation as the length of the bait. Of course, the only way to try and uncover all these little oddities in the bait is to take it out on the water.

There's a lot going on at this bait's head.

Real World Test: In all honesty, I've had the OSP Yamato for quite a few years already and my hope was to get it out on the California Delta during the Fall one year to have it help me wreak havoc on the striper. Unfortunately, year after year, we've run into issues both getting out onto the California Delta, and then, when we do manage to get out there our timing hasn't been right to hit the best of the striper run in the areas we typically fish. So, just this past year, I rediscovered and re purposed this bait in pursuit of our mainstay - largemouth bass.

Dual line ties for two different swimming actions.

Castability : The OSP Yamato is typical length for a topwater cigar bait, but where most baits this size weigh in roughly around three quarters of an ounce, the Yamato is a hefty one full ounce (1oz) in weight. It does not posses an internal moving balancer system, but thanks to its overall weight, it doesn't really need it. I've thrown this bait on countless combos, but this past year, it's been anchored to my Megabass Destroyer Javelin paired with either a Shimano Chronarch Ci4+ or Chronarch MGL. With the Chronarch MGL in particular, this bait, tied onto the end of the Javelin just sails through the air.

The clear plastic chin acts like a rudder.

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