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Event Article

Okuma Goes Savage at Lake El Salto, Mexico

Date: 6/20/12
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Okuma - Savage Gear
Reviewer: Zander



Introduction: El Salto is the stuff of legend, a lake filled with structure, a long growing season and plenty of giant green fish. It represents the ideal testing ground for bass tackle and less than two weeks ago we were invited to Lake El Salto Mexico for Okuma’s unveiling of their new Helios spinning reel as well as a closer look at their upcoming Savage Gear lure lineup.

Welcome to the El Salto Adventures Lodge at El Salto

This was my third trip to El Salto and the first for Cal. On previous trips El Salto has kicked out quality fish with an 11.5lbr. being the largest fish I’ve personally caught here caught to date. Over the last few years there have been rumors that the El Salto fishery has declined due to low water levels and constant fishing pressure. In any event I was still eager to get back to the lake and see firsthand how the fishery was holding up.

Dave ad Sam at Okuma talk shop with Joey from Tackle Warehouse at the lodge's dining area

On this trip Okuma brought in a number of their staff including Sam Brenner the Vice President, Brandon Cotton the Marketing and Promotions manager and Dave Brown the Regional Sales Manager to host the trip. In addition to Cal and I joined from TackleTour and Okuma invited three members of the Tackle Warehouse team, Corey Schmidt, Joey Reggio and Jeff Hodges. Also attending was Kelly Gohman from the North American Membership Group (NAMG) and Brian Nguyen from Jeff Robles & Associates, a manufacturer’s representative agency for Okuma.

Good morning El Salto

Getting to El Salto is relatively easy for U.S. anglers and there are plenty of flights that fly into Mazatlan, and from there it is just over an hour van ride to the edge of the lake. For this event Okuma partnered with Elizalde Hono of El Salto Adventures, Mexico.  Hono’s operation maintains a lodge on the lake which includes a 23,000 acre facility with a separate dining area. The rooms are straightforward, very clean, and most importantly have excellent air conditioning, providing sanctuary from the high temperatures during this time of year.

The lake water can reach the brush line at times but with low summer water levels the lake is at the bottom of the hill

When we arrived at the lodge I was surprised to see the lake was not at the front of the property but way down the hill in the distance. The water was extremely low this year and areas where I normally fish were completely dry, exposing the vast rocky and timber structure that is normally underwater. With the official event scheduled to start the next day a number of us couldn’t wait to get our lines wet and raided the Okuma stash to put together a few rigs to head down and do some shore fishing.

The Prop Prey 50 is a new topwater finesse hardbait frog from Savage Gear

The CBL Prey95 is a new ripbait

Okuma prepared a number of rod and reels from their lineup ranging from their Helios, Concept C3-40X, and Citrix series. It didn’t take long for Cal and I as well as the Tackle Warehouse crew to rig up, slather on some sunblock and head for the water. To give you an idea of how low the water was there are times during the year when the water comes right up to the edge of the lodge and on this trip we hopped in a van for a five minute ride down the hill just to reach the shoreline.

Dave and Sam show us how it is done

Brian catches a fishing using a new Savage Gear crankbait

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