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Event Coverage

Monster BassJam 2010: Part 4 - Fishing Gear to Fit Your Style


Date: 11/6/10
Event: Monster BassJam 2010
Location: Cotati, CA
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: We come to our final coverage from the BassJam 2010 and take a closer look at some terminal tackle and maintenance products as well as a complete assortment of apparel options for anglers that want to showcase their love for the sport.


Team Davies introduces new products based on Tungsten


Team Davies: With all the talk about lead going away companies have to find ways to make weights that meet government specifications. Team Davies is moving quickly and introducing a series of new tungsten based weights for punching. Will there be a tungsten version of their popular drop shot weights in the future? You bet. 


Eye Surrender introduces a new wrap...


Eye Surrender: Eye Surrender makes solutions for anglers that are both innovative and cost effective, how often can you say that? The company already made a number of bait wraps that were great for swimbaits and now they add a 12 pocket wrap that can be folded flat for spinnerbaits. The new wrap keeps spinnerbaits organized and allow anglers to carry a vast assortment in a single easy to deploy wrap that fits in just about any tackle box or backpack.


...and it is designed to organize all your spinnerbaits for quick and easy deployment


Peregrine 250: Peregrine 250 products are designed to help keep your boat clean, shiny, protected and looking good. One of their most popular products is called "Water Dog" which is a hard water spot eliminator. It also has an added benefit of killing aquatic hitchhikers including Quagga and Zebra Mussels. The company's signature Peregrine 250 advanced boat spray wax and cleaner not only cleans your boat but also adds a SPF 35 protection to the surface of your boat.  


Peregrine 250 Water Dog and Advanced Boat Spray Wax are designed to keep your boat in tip top shape


It isn't just boat cleaners for the company as they also have a product called "Eagle Eye" which is a screen and lens cleaner. This easy to use cleaner comes in a portable 4oz. spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. Each Eagle Eye screen cleaner and microfiber cloth retails for only $5.50.


Zander tried the cleaner on his camera and it removed all smudges and particles in seconds


Costa Del Mar: Costa recently introduces a new polycarbonate lens called the 580P which features their 580 technology, which deliver exceptional polarization and clarity, yet remains extremely lightweight, impact resistant and is coated for extra durability. Just like the popular 580 glass lenses the new 580P sunglasses block yellow light, boost red and green light, and increase polarizing efficiency. They are designed to be the clearest polycarbonate lenses on the market.


Woody sports the new 580P based Costas

Bassaholics: If you’re a big bass hunter then there is a good chance you already own a garment from Bassaholics. This is the brand that pretty much started it all when it came to Bass lifestyle apparel and features a unique “street” style that looks just as good on the water as it does on a day out with friends. Bassaholics has upped the ante when it comes to their styles but also their quality.

The company that really started the Bass apparel craze... Bassaholics


The brand now offers new premium shirts that feature higher grade cotton and are softer and even more comfortable. It isn’t just about T-Shirts for Bassaholics you can also now get hats, shorts, beanies and windbreakers with the aggressively styled Bassaholics graphics on them. The company has also been among the most girl friendly as well and offers a range of baby doll shirts as well. Still looking to further accessorize? For those that are truly “Addicted” the brand will soon be coming out with lanyards, boat wraps and even iPhone wraps!


Get your limit? a new shirt designed by the Bass Brigade


Bass Brigade: Meet the Bass Brigade, this crew take's the sport seriously and for them fishing is "not just a sport, it is a CULT(ure)." The team at Bass Brigade started out in Bass Ponds in Modesto, CA and have designed a series of shirts that are designed to inspire anglers to go out and fish. They draw influences from culture around them as well as play homage to the enthusiast tackle scene. 


Lloyd Gomez and Anthony Luna from the Bass Brigade sport their latest gear


All of their shirts are printed on "American Apparel" which is a very high quality shirt that is extremely comfortable, definitely the type of shirt that you would want to fish in.


The team at Phenix have added jackets to the mix

Phenix: Phenix addresses just about every application with their rods from ultralight trout fishing to big game saltwater so it is no surprise that they also have a line of windbreakers and jackets that are designed to keep anglers fishing even in nasty weather.

Zander tries one on for size


We checked out some of these new jackets and found them to be comfortable and quiet to move in, no loud shuffling sounds when making casting motions, and best of all they pack down to a compact size. Available in a wide range of colors the new Phenix waterproof jacket retails for $169.


Ish introduces "Team Bass ADX" apparel


Ish's Team Bass ADX: Only Bass Addicts need apply, for those anglers that really love their bucketmouths Pro Angler Ish Monroe is introducing a new line of clothing called "Team Bass ADX." There are styles for both men and women and the new apparel will be made available first at Outdoor Pro Shop and Monster Fishing Tackle. Ish will be offering everything from shirts, hats and beanies and the new gear will retail from $19 to $25 dollars each.


Skinny Bear goes retro with their classic logo art


Skinny Bear: Even jig manufacturer Skinny Bear is introducing a line of apparel designed for fan's of their lures. There are four different shirts and they feature the company's classic 1985 logo. These shirts are available now and the short sleeve versions retail for 15 dollars while the long sleeve shirts are just three dollars more each.


HCBF has everything including black socks

HCBF: We met the team at Hardcore Bass Fishing last year at BassJam and the crew has been working hard to expand their lineup. Their missions is to “provide the bass fishing community an alternative style apparel to fit the personality of the most aggressive and outspoken.” Just how hardcore are these guys? How about a pair of HCBF branded black socks to go fishing in? From head to toe HCBF has anglers covered. 

The team at HCBF show us their newest designs


With BassJam done it is time to turn our attention to the Winter Season and we kick things off in true TT fashion with our Holiday Gift Guide. Ms. Casey is ready to go and this time there is a new TT Girl also in the mix, meet MJ guys. With the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide picks locked and loaded its time to get festive... 



Looking for these Bassjam products? Try Monster Fishing Tackle









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